Who is a targetologist, what does he do and how to become one


In this article, we will consider what a targetologist is, which is part of the duties of a specialist in targeted advertising, we will also talk about what salary a representative of this sought-after Internet profession can expect and how it can be mastered.

What does a targetologist do?

Targetologists are specialists whose task is to set up and launch advertising in social networks. The name of the method of setting up advertising “targeting” comes from the English word target, which translates as “goal”. The target is an audience interested in the advertised brand, product or service.

The task of the targetologist there is the setting of the advertising campaign in such a way that the ads are seen in full by users of the social network, only representatives of the target audience who fit certain criteria: gender, age, profession, interests, place of residence, etc.

In order for advertising to bring leads, i.e., potential buyers and clients, and for the business to get the maximum result with the minimum expenditure of the budget, a specialist in targeted advertising must first analyze the features of the product, and then create a general portrait of its consumer. At the next stage, the target specialist selects the audience that may be interested in this product, after which he adjusts the advertisement so that specific users see the ad.

An ad in a classifieds ad is called advertising creative, it contains a picture, text and a link. The image (it can be a static image, GIF or video) is designed to attract attention, the text is needed to explain the essence of the offer, and the link allows you to get the offer after clicking on it. A creative is created for each target audience group.

As a rule, a target specialist on VKontakte and other social networks creates a set of test ads, and then with the help of various services that collect data from advertising platforms, analyzes the effectiveness of advertising (leads, traffic to the product page, conversion rates) and determines the most suitable channels for promotion. The specialist scales the most successful creatives, and disables the less successful ones.

The task of the targetologistEven in the course of planning an advertising campaign, an experienced targetologist must understand what size segment the advertisement should be aimed at, how much it will cost the customer for one interaction of the user with the advertisement, and what budget will be needed to attract the user to the right page.

There are several levels of training for targeted advertising specialists:

  • Junior – a targetologist with minimal experience or no work experience. Such a specialist usually conducts no more than three projects per month, conducts advertising campaigns in social networks and prepares reports.
  • Middle specialist can lead a larger number of projects. Its functionality includes management of all processes of the advertising project, starting with the preparation of the strategy to the analysis of the results. Such a target specialist deals with organizing media plans and is also responsible for communication with customers. Junior targetologists may be subordinate to him.
  • A high-level specialist – Senior – leads the most complex and expensive projects, takes over the management of other target specialists and training of newcomers.

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Professional skills and personal qualities of a targetologist

A targetologist needs a number of professional knowledge and skills, for example, basic knowledge of analytics and marketing analysis. A specialist in targeted advertising should be able to conduct analytical studies of information from personal accounts, track feedback, audience reach, targeted actions and their cost. In addition, the targetologist monitors the reaction of the target audience, as well as comments from users of the social network and requests received through personal messages.

The ability to analyze the results of an advertising campaign, the ability to determine the correctness or falsity of actions, and even the ability to adjust the campaign in accordance with the findings are also necessary.

Important skills of working with the target audience: the ability to define and segment it, to find a suitable platform for advertising. This requires an understanding of the specifics of the audience, which spends most of its time in one or another social network.

Briefly about targetologists

Targetologist who owns copywriting skillswho can write thoughtful and quality texts himself, and also has experience in graphic and video editors, can earn more and not have to spend time interacting with designers and copywriters. And another important skill is the ability to allocate and plan a budget.

A targeting specialist cannot do without understanding the principles of audience collection tools such as Cerebro or Pepper.ninja. Knowledge of different advertising formats and the ability to choose the appropriate one for different audiences should also be present in the arsenal of a professional targetologist, as well as an understanding of the peculiarities of the work of advertising offices of various social networks, their tools and rules.

Analytical abilities and planning skills will help to achieve success in the Internet profession of a targetologist, as well as:

  • The desire to develop – in the digital sphere, everything changes rapidly, and the targetologist has to learn continuously, since the knowledge acquired a year ago, most likely, will already be outdated.
  • Communicability – the specialist will need the ability to discuss tasks with the client, correctly set goals, discuss budgets and give advice.
  • Stress resistance – the targetologist must be prepared for the fact that the advertising campaign is not always immediately successful, in which case it will be necessary to make changes to it and test it again.
  • Multitasking – a target specialist usually has to simultaneously manage several projects or advertising campaigns. The ability to monitor all at once and quickly switch between them is necessary.
  • Attention is a quality that the targetologist will need to generate reports, the client must receive accurate data about the advertising campaign.
  • Creativity – to create promotional materials, you need to think creatively, not be afraid to experiment and come up with creative ideas.
  • Persistence – a targetologist spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen, performing the same actions.

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Where to study to be a targetologist

You can try to master the profession of targeting yourself with the help of articles and videos found on the Internet. However, training without feedback and full practice is ineffective. You can acquire relevant skills, knowledge and professional support on various paid courses. Such training options are offered, for example, by such popular educational platforms as Netology and Skillbox.

Targetologist courses at

Beginners, as well as experienced targetologists, to improve their qualifications, it makes sense to communicate with colleagues in thematic communities, in social networks and Telegram channels, where you can get advice, offer help and share information with fellow professionals.

How much does a targetologist earn?

The level of earnings of targeted advertising specialists depends on many factors: requirements, seniority, region and form of employment – full-time office work or remote work.

For target specialists with experience in the regions, the salary ranges from 30,000 to 70,000 rubles, while in Moscow it can be from 70,000 to 200,000 rubles. Of course, if we are talking about beginners, the amounts will be much more modest. A beginner can take about 5,000 rubles for a project + feedback from the customer.

Salary of a specialist in targeted advertising in Moscow
Pros and cons of the profession

We figured out what kind of profession a targetologist is and what knowledge is needed to achieve success in this field. Finally, we will list the advantages of the work of a specialist in targeted advertising.

  • Internet advertising is necessary for all companies and private specialists who have pages in social networks, so the demand for a professional in targeting is guaranteed.
  • A targetologist can work both as an employee in the office and as a freelancer, or combine these forms of employment: work part of the day in the office, and the rest – remotely.
  • The work of a targetologist is multifaceted: it has a place for both creativity and analytics. Creative beginnings can be found in the creation of creatives, and analytical abilities will come in handy when working with numbers and graphs, in the process of collecting information and analyzing it, as well as in studying the audience and evaluating the performance of advertising campaigns.

The disadvantage of the profession can be called the risk of draining the budget in vain with a lack of experience at the beginning of the career, therefore, in the first months of work, you should not expect high earnings. However, with increasing skill, a specialist learns to avoid mistakes and can quickly reach a decent level of payment for his work.

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