Cloudflare launches eSIM with built-in VPN


The company introduced two new services for data protection: Zero Trust SIM and Zero Trust for Mobile Operators. They will be able to ensure the preservation of information on personal and corporate phones.

Secure eSIM for iOS and Android will be tied to a specific device and can be used both separately and in conjunction with Cloudflare WARP VPN. With a Zero Trust SIM, users will not be able to access phishing or malicious sites, for example, and Cloudflare will be able to rewrite DNS queries from the device and use Cloudflare Gateway for DNS filtering.

Zero Trust for Mobile Operators is planned for mobile operators, which will allow companies to offer data protection tools to their customers.

At the same time, Cloudflare works not only with eSIM, but is also studying the possibility of launching physical SIM cards with similar functionality – information about them will appear later. Initially, the services will be launched in the US, and then they will be available in other countries.

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