Photobanks introduce a ban on the sale and posting of images created by AI


Getty Images has introduced a ban on posting and selling images created by neural networks on the site. The ban will affect models such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Previously, similar restrictions were introduced by other photo banks – Newgrounds, PurplePort and FurAffinity.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters explained to The Verge that the main reason for such a ban is possible copyright infringement. Although the site has not yet faced such lawsuits, the developers still decided to introduce precautionary measures to avoid reputational losses.

Although AI-powered imaging technologies are legal, these models are still trained on existing copyrighted works. Even artists’ personal blogs, news sites and other stock services can be used as resources. Works created in this way can potentially infringe copyright, especially if they are sold.

Another major photo bank, Shutterstock, has also introduced restrictions on posting AI-generated content. However, specific details regarding the rules were not formulated. At the same time, the service already deletes similar images, especially those marked with special tags.

It will be recalled that earlier in America, a picture created with the help of II Midjourney won a fine art competition. This situation caused a violent reaction in social networks, and the author who taught the neural network was even accused of approaching the “death of creative professions”.

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