How to pin a message in Discord


Messages fixed on Discord servers allow channel readers to always know the most important events and not to lose any information in tons of unnecessary correspondence. Along with this, you can pin messages in personal correspondence, which can also be useful to certain users. Let’s take a closer look at this so that you can understand that pinning messages in Discord is not difficult.

Pinning messages in Discord

To begin with, let’s look at how pinning messages is done in general, if you have permission on the server or you are its creator. The same is true for personal correspondence, where each participant can pin and unpin an unlimited number of messages.

  1. I will show this on the example of a channel on the server. You will need to find the message you want to pin and right-click on it.Call the context menu to pin a message in Discord

  2. As a result, you will see a context menu in which to find an item “Pin Message”.Selecting an item in the context menu to pin a Discord message

  3. A small window will appear to confirm the action. In it, make sure that you have selected the correct message, then click “Oh yeah. Pin it”.Confirm action to pin a message in Discord

  4. A message will appear in the chat that a specific message has been pinned by the user. It will be visible to everyone sitting in this channel (if you do not need such a message, you can simply delete it).View a message to pin a message in Discord

  5. To view all pinned messages, click the pin icon. All replicas will be displayed in one menu.Opening a list after pinning a message in Discord

  6. By the way, you can pin several messages that will be shown sequentially.Expanding the list after pinning a message in Discord

If after some time you decide that the message is no longer needed in the pinned list, right-click on it and select “Unpin message” from the context menu. To go to the message itself, use the same menu as shown in the screenshot above.

Unpinning unwanted messages in Discord

As I already said, pinning on the text channels of the servers and in private messages is done the same way. Therefore, you can simply repeat the same steps to create a list of pinned messages in any of your existing cards.

Follow the same steps in Mail to pin a message in Discord

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Granting the right to manage messages on the server

Separately, I will talk about the settings for roles, which will be useful for server owners. By default, no role, except for the administrator and moderator, has access to message management, so pinning them will not work either. If you want to grant this right to a specific role or person, follow these steps:

  1. The server menu is called by clicking on its name. Select an item there “Server Settings”.Go to your server settings to configure your message management role in Discord

  2. In the panel on the left, find the section “Role”, then select the role for which you want to make the appropriate change. If needed, simply create another role and assign it to the right person.Selecting the required role to set up a message management role in Discord

  3. In the edit role window, go to the tab “Access rights”.Go to the Privileges tab to set up the message management role in Discord

  4. Find the item “Manage messages” and enable this right. Don’t forget to save your changes before exiting.Enable the appropriate right to configure the message management role in Discord

Now the owners of the role to whom you granted the right in question will be able to independently pin and unpin messages in different text channels as needed.

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