Google launched another Product Reviews Update

On September 20, the company announced the launch of the fifth update of the feedback ranking algorithm – Product Reviews Update. At the same time, it is important that the update of the main algorithm September 2022 Core Update has not yet been completed.

Google’s Search Central account says the September 2022 Core Update rollout is “mostly complete” and should wrap up within this week. Product Reviews Update takes 2 weeks to deploy.

Western webmasters asked Google – how to determine which update sites were affected, if the updates are happening at the same time? To this, the developers responded evasively: if product reviews are done on the sites, it is most likely affected by the Product Reviews Update, otherwise the changes may be related to the Core Update.

As SearchEngine points out, Google representative Danny Sullivan previously said that the company is working diligently to ensure that these updates overlap as little as possible.

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