How to put a password on an Excel file


Spreadsheets created using Microsoft Excel often contain important information that should be hidden from prying eyes or accidental editing. Especially for such cases, software developers offer protection such as setting a password. There are a total of three different options for adding a security key, which will be discussed below.

Method 1: Set a password when saving the file

The fastest method that will work for most users is to set a password on the Excel file before saving it. In this case, there is no need to go to additional menus and search for special parameters, it will be enough to open only one panel, where the access key fits.

  1. Let’s say you’ve finished editing your spreadsheet and are ready to save it with a password. Then select the menu on the top panel “File”.Go to the File menu to set a password for the Excel file

  2. In the window that appeared, select the item on the left panel “Save as”.Opening the export section to set a password for the Excel file

  3. Then click on “Review”to go to “Guide” and not only choose the place to save the table, but also specify the password.Open the export options to set a password for the Excel file

  4. In the small save window, expand the menu “Service” and select an item from it “General settings”.Opening the security window to set a password for the Excel file

  5. You can set two passwords: for opening and changing the file. Here you can decide for yourself whether you need to add two keys or just one will be enough. At the end, be sure to confirm your password and finish exporting the XLSX file.Entering the key in the corresponding field to set the password for the Excel file

  6. Now, the next time you start a protected file, a window will appear with a line for entering a password. Access to content and editing will be available only after entering this key.Opening a spreadsheet after setting a password for an Excel file

You can remove the set password through a special menu “Data”Which will be discussed in the next method.

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Method 2: Setting a password through the “Help” menu

Microsoft Excel offers users access to a separate menu where there are various options for interacting with the workbook. In it, you can configure backups, check formatting, learn metadata, and set protection. It is the last setting that I propose to consider in more detail.

  1. In the same window “File”about the transition to which was discussed in the previous instructions, on the left panel, select the section “Data”.Open the Details menu to set a password for the Excel file

  2. Click on the button “Protect the book”to open the available security options.Expanding the list in the Details menu to set a password for an Excel file

  3. Find among all items “Encrypt using password”. You can use other settings if you think they will work better for your situation.Select Options from the Details menu to set a password for the Excel file

  4. Create a new password and confirm the changes. Consider the fact that a forgotten password cannot be recovered, so save it in a safe place or write it down somewhere.Entering a security key to set a password for an Excel file

Method 3: Using online services

At the end of the article, I would like to show a method that will come to the aid of those users who do not have access to Microsoft Excel, but have a file on hand for which a password must be set. In such situations, changes can be made directly to the code of the document, which will be helped by various online services.

  1. To implement the task, I chose the tool on the ASPOSE online service, but you can use the search engine to find any other thematic web resources if this one does not work for some reason. Start by uploading the source file to the site.Transferring the table to the site to set the password for the Excel file

  2. Make sure the file is selected and then enter the password in the field provided.Entering a new security key on the site to set a password for an Excel file

  3. Confirm its addition by clicking on “Protect”.Run processing on the selected site to set a password for the Excel file

  4. Wait for the operation to finish without closing the current tab, otherwise all progress will be reset.Waiting for the site to finish making changes to set the password for the Excel file

  5. The page will refresh, a button will appear to download the spreadsheet. This version of the file will now only open after entering the password set through the online service.Downloading the result from the site after setting the password for the Excel file

I already wrote about it above, but I will repeat it again: when entering the password, be sure to remember it, take into account the current layout and case of characters, because all this affects the security key. It will be possible to restore it, but for this you will need to turn to third-party software or paid sites, which is not good.

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