Yandex added retargeting to Direct’s dynamic ads


In Yandex Direct, retargeting has been added to dynamic ads. Thanks to it, advertisers will be able to return users who were previously interested in their offer on the website or in the store. Similar ads will be displayed in the Product Gallery.

Now, when running dynamic ads, retargeting can be specified as an ad display condition. It can be configured at the level of ad groups in the block of the same name. To do this, you need to select one or more conditions for selecting the audience, such as visiting the site, adding a product to the cart, shopping, and so on. As a result, ads will be shown to those people who meet the conditions of display and retargeting.

As reported on the official channel of Yandex Direct, advertisers can also set up impressions by goals and segments of Metrics or saved segments in Yandex Audiences.

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