Launching SEO in 1 day – how to effectively start promoting your site


In 2022, SEO promotion became the main marketing trend. Unlike, for example, contextual and targeted advertising, it does not give an instant effect, but it brings reliable and long-term results. Thus, when the Google search engine abandoned advertising in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, SEO itself became the main tool for attracting high-quality traffic to company websites.

It may seem that this is a time-consuming technical work with a large number of routine operations, and without special skills, these actions will not give any result, and it is extremely difficult to compete with competitors. Only a more thorough acquaintance with the specifics of SEO can dispel such fears.

September 20 at 1:00 p.m in a free webinar, experts from Wizard.Sape and will tell you how to launch effective SEO promotion in the shortest possible time.


  • Viktor Belyakov – Project Manager
  • Petro Savinov – CEO of Wizard.Sape

On the webinar we will discuss:

How to conduct an express collection of semantics for a quick site launch:

  • we are looking for the most top competitors in the niche;

  • competitive intelligence;

  • we find relevant key phrases;

  • we find topics that “enter” competitors;

  • we make a semantic core.

How to conquer the top search results of Yandex and Google:

  • why SEO has become even more relevant;

  • main ranking factors;

  • how to find out if your site is ready to conquer search engines;

  • internal optimization of your site;

  • implementation of the link strategy in 1 day.

The webinar will be useful:

  • For representatives of companies who want to attract new customers with minimal costs.

  • For site owners who are looking for ways to effectively attract new traffic.

  • SEO specialists who actively study other people’s experience and methods of search engine optimization.

Speakers will not only answer users’ questions live, but will also give participants special gifts and bonuses. Come and learn more about effective website promotion.

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