Another DDoS attack power record was broken

According to the publication Anti-malware, another record for the power of DDoS attacks was broken in the network. It happened on September 12, the peak power of the incident was 704.8 MP/s. (Million packets per second), and it involved 1,813 IP addresses.

Akamai recorded an 853 Gbps attack in July 2022 against one of Akamai’s customers in Eastern Europe. During the summer attack, which lasted about 14 hours, almost 660 million packets per second were transmitted. Currently, the attackers were able to increase the amount of “junk” traffic and transmitted 704 MP/s.

According to Akamai, the same group that attacked the infrastructure of one of the companies in the summer is behind the new cybercrime. However, the list of attackers’ targets has been expanded, and now six data centers in Europe and North America have been affected.

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