20 free services for an SMM specialist


For the sample, completely free services and those that offer free limited functionality were chosen. The article includes tools for creating reports, working with content and visuals, as well as for organizing the workflow.

Reports: collection of statistics, data visualization

DataFan is a social network analytics and targeted advertising service. Collects data from all major social networks and advertising offices: reach, engagement, audience analysis, number of subscribers, conversions and much more. Generates automated reports for clients that can be exported as a table, PDF or image, and data can be visualized in Data Studio.

Analyzes one audience or advertising cabinet for free. More – from 200 rubles per month.

Service of analytics of social networks and targeted advertising

Data Studio – visualization of statistics. Unlike the previous service, Data Studio does not analyze anything, it only provides an opportunity to conveniently design all reports and connect data from different sources. At first, it will be difficult to understand the nuances of downloading data from analytics services, so we recommend a free course on working with Data Studio from SMM.school.

Visualization of statistics

TGStat – analysis of Telegram channels. Analyzes Telegram channels, audience quality and reach, helps track advertising crops, and can also be used to analyze competitors and select blogs for advertising.

Analysis of Telegram channels

Allsocial – analysis of VKontakte, Telegram and TikTok. The community selection service for advertising shows the number of subscribers, growth and outflow of the audience, reach and number of visitors. You can filter by metrics and categories.

Analysis of VKontakte, Telegram and TikTok

The community is now in Telegram

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Content: posts, texts, contests and links

Post Idea Generator – Post examples and instructions. The service from SMMplanner offers topics for posts with a link to a detailed article on the topic. You can choose the publication format: image, series of posts, interactive, visual, benefit, advertising, situational or stories.

Post generator interface

Bot Hennadiy in Telegram. Randomly suggests topics for posts, selects hashtags from photos, keywords and competitors. Can also remove the background from the photo.

Bot Gennady

Golovred – checking the quality of the text. The service finds stamps, clericalisms, complex constructions in the text and gives recommendations on their correction. The recommended score of the text is 7-9 points.

Text quality check

Yaroshenko UTM tag generator. You can specify campaign sources, traffic type, keywords, and more, which will help you track the effectiveness of an ad or a specific post with a UTM link. There are also automatic settings for popular platforms such as VKontakte, Yandex Direct and others.

Yaroshenko UTM tag generator

VK.cc is a link shortener from VKontakte. It is convenient because it not only shortens the link, but also shows the statistics of the user’s actions inside the social network: the number of transitions and information about those who called.

Link shortener from VKontakte

OK.me is a link shortener from Odnoklassniki. The same service from Odnoklassniki – beautifully shortens links and shows internal statistics of transitions. If you run targeted advertising on a social network, you can use links shortened through OK.me in creatives.

Link shortener from Odnoklassniki

RandStuff is a random number generator for contests. It is suitable when a competition is held in the community, and the winner needs to be chosen randomly. The randomizer itself works for free, but there is a paid functionality for automatic selection of the winner.

Random number generator for contests

CreLab – bots for uploading comments, subscribers and likes. It is free to upload everyone who liked, commented or subscribed to conduct a contest on reactions on Instagram (owned by the company Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation). There is a paid functionality for automatic selection of the winner.

Bots for uploading comments, subscribers and likes

Visual: photos and videos for posts and advertisements

PicsArt – processing, filters, collages and stickers. The service has free functionality, which is enough for minimal photo processing for advertising or a post: stickers, inscriptions, collages, ready-made templates for social media posts and banners.

Processing, filters, collages and stickers

Supa – templates for photos and videos. The free version has ready-made social media visual templates: advertising layouts, stories, posts. In the constructor, you can also create your videos with stickers, transitions and animation of individual elements.

Templates for photos and videos

Picture.plus – templates for social networks. The free plan includes ready-made templates for posts and stories, banner layouts, and video covers.

Templates for social networks

Pablo – text overlay on the banner. A simple and convenient service for creating banners: overlay text, darken the picture, and more. There is an internal search for pictures from free stock photos.

Text overlay on the banner

IMGonline – image quality improvement. In the service, you can improve the quality of the photo by increasing the detail. It will be useful if you need a high-quality photo for an advertisement or a post, and the client does not have one.

Image quality improvement

Clideo is an online video editor. There is video trimming and converter, the service works with all popular formats.

Online video editor

Work organization: task managers, mind maps, layouts

Trello – organization of work. A convenient service for organizing work on various tasks and projects. You can create task boards with columns, for example: in work, under review, under editing, paid, and so on.

Organization of work

mind42 – creation of mind maps. Helps systematize project data: competitor analysis, customer journey, social media ecosystem, content formats and headings, and more.

Creation of mind maps

diagrams.net – work with layouts. In the service, it is convenient to create layouts for infographics or banners for further drawing by the designer. There are ready-made flowcharts, diagrams, indexes, prototypes of sites and applications.

Work with layouts

Of course, there are many more free services than in our selection. But we tried to collect the most important and convenient ones – those that we use ourselves and can recommend to you!

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