What is a secure agreement: advantages and examples of services


Everyone knows that selling goods or services on the Internet can be dangerous both for the seller or performer, and for the customer. The risk mainly consists either in the loss of money, or in the provision of poor-quality goods. To solve such problems, there are escrow services or secure agreement services. There are different variations of such services, but the essence of all of them is the same – to protect both sides of the transaction from fraud and help people reach a fair solution in the event of a conflict.

What is a secure transaction?

The secure transaction service allows you to conduct a financial transaction as conveniently and reliably as possible. In most cases, the amount is frozen in the buyer’s account or directly in an escrow account until the satisfactory condition of the delivered goods is established. That is, money can be withdrawn only after the consumer informs that the product is of appropriate quality.

The buyer usually has three days after the item is delivered to confirm that everything is OK. If there were no complaints, the amount is automatically transferred to the seller’s account. Until this moment, neither the seller nor the buyer can withdraw the money.

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Advantages of a secure transaction over direct settlement

  • Convenient payment. Money can be withdrawn from your bank card without the intervention of third parties.

  • Fund security guarantee. The buyer does not need to make an advance payment and worry about whether he will receive his goods, and if he does, then in good condition. And the seller, in turn, will not have to worry about the seriousness of the consumer’s intentions. The safe agreement procedure is designed in such a way that each party has its own obligations, and if they are not fulfilled, the relevant person/organization will be held responsible.

  • Secure payments. All bank details and transfers are secure.

  • Delivery. Platforms where you can purchase goods often have delivery partners. So it can increase the number of potential buyers.

  • Settlement of Disputes. Buying and selling services that provide a secure transaction service have their own arbitrators who will help resolve the issue in the event of a conflict. This process varies depending on the service.

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Examples of services with a secure agreement

A safe deal on Yule

Only the seller can create a secure transaction by specifying the relevant service in the ad. The commission in the amount of 10% of the cost of the goods is also paid by the seller. The buyer transfers exactly as much as is needed for the product, and the amount with a deduction of 10% comes to the seller’s account.

Yula cooperates with the delivery company Boxberry. If the buyer and seller agree on delivery through this company, the transaction will be completed automatically. If the goods are transferred from hand to hand or through another courier service, then the buyer and the seller must confirm the shipment and receipt of the goods independently.

The seller has three days to ship the goods. If the seller does not send the goods on time, the money will be returned to the buyer. And also if the buyer does not report the marriage within three days (if any), then the money is automatically transferred to the seller.

If a dispute is opened, Yula’s arbitrator has to figure it out in a week and decide to whom and what amount is transferred. The arbitrator’s decision is not subject to appeal.

Boxberry Safe Deal (not through Yula)

The buyer transfers the money to a deposit, where it is frozen until receiving the parcel. The proper quality must be approved by the customer at the point of issue or notify an employee if something is wrong.

The buyer confirms receipt of the parcel – the seller withdraws money from the deposit. There is a commission in the form of 3%: it is paid by either the seller or the buyer, there is also a 50/50 payment option – by agreement.

Rules of a secure transaction on Avito

On Avito, you can use a secure agreement only if you make an Avito delivery. There are no commissions, delivery is paid directly. Here, the buyer pays for everything, and the seller receives the full amount of the goods.

The buyer does not transfer money to the guarantee account, it is simply blocked on the card. If the product did not suit the customer, then Avita returns the money for both the product and the delivery. If the product is damaged or lost during delivery, the money will be returned to the buyer, and the amount of the product will be transferred to the seller.


Only users who have a WebMoney account have the right to use the service. The customer and the seller draw up the rules of the contract themselves and must come to some kind of joint decision. You will also need to make guarantee payments, and the commission is 1.8% of the transaction amount and is paid by the buyer.

In disputed cases, WebMoney usually gives 10 days for the parties to come to an agreement on their own. If it is not possible to resolve the dispute in this way, then arbitration is connected. The judges decide who is right in the situation and transfer all the money to the winner of the dispute.

The term of agreement protection varies from 1 to 120 days.


This is a service for operations with foreign partners. The money goes to Escrow first, and then when the item arrives at its destination, the customer has three days to check the contents for marriage. When three days have passed, the money will be credited to the seller’s account. However, the term of inspection of the goods can be from one to thirty days – before the transaction, the parties can agree on other rules.

In the event of a conflict, a third party – a broker – intervenes. The cost of Escrow services is decent: the service charges a minimum of $10 for transaction support, and $25 for a bank transfer if the buyer is not from the United States. And another 3.05% of the transaction amount if payment is made by card or PayPal. Commissions are paid either by the seller, or by the buyer, or 50-50 – this must be agreed in the contract.


This site cannot be called an escrow service, as it does not freeze or transfer money from one account to another. Here you can draw up a legal contract, which you can later use in court.

The service is free, but to use it, you need to confirm your account using an account on State Services. Only your last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth and passport data will be available to Anypact. This information will be used in the conclusion of the contract, which will be necessary if one of the parties begins to evade its obligations. There are no arbitrators at Anypact, and you will prove justice yourself in the relevant bodies.

And yes, in general, this service is similar to Avito or Yula, that is, it is a bulletin board with different conditions.

That’s all. I hope my article was useful for you. Be alert, know how to negotiate and do not be lazy to ensure safety for your funds. Successful deals!

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