Sape Core Update: new link building capabilities


Modern link promotion requires access to the maximum number of donor sites, as well as the ability to freely choose between them according to a wide variety of parameters: for example, traffic, topics or trust. In addition, effective link building requires a set of convenient tools to quickly and easily find suitable donors for buying links.

Sape is a large-scale Sape Core Update – an important step in the development of the company’s reference products. The updated interface, improved functionality, and many innovative technical solutions open up a whole range of completely new possibilities for optimizers. Now every action in Sape brings you closer to the top of search results.

4 reference products become a single unit

Effective link building requires a natural profile, and therefore different types of links are in demand: rental, article, contextual and relevant. The Sape link products system allows you to purchase links of all types in one window.

This simplifies control over the implementation of the referral strategy and accelerates it more than twice. No more switching from one system to another to see how a project is progressing.

Smart thematic search

You can often find suitable link donor pages even on sites that are different from your topic. Therefore, you have to manually search for relevant and unsaved pages.

Smart thematic search

To simplify the work of the optimizer, a smart thematic search was developed. It is enough to specify the appropriate filters or auto mode settings so that the neural network performs an analysis of the text vectors of your site. Based on them, it will select pages that are optimally suitable in terms of content, without reference to the subject of the site.

Convenient dashboard

Now users can easily and quickly access the profile profile of their sites. The Project Overview tab displays each link purchased to promote the selected project. Thus, the optimizer can monitor the effectiveness of his referral strategy at any time and make the necessary adjustments.

Convenient dashboard

Serpzilla service

Serpzilla is an international link service with Sape functionality. This is an opportunity to purchase links on foreign resources and effectively promote projects not only in the Russian-speaking, but also in other segments of the Internet. If you wanted to try your hand at SEO in foreign markets, but faced a lack of suitable tools and inventory for link building, now you have them.

Faster, more convenient, easier

The technical base of the service has been completely updated, thanks to which working with Sape has become even more comfortable and faster. At the same time, all opportunities for effective link building were preserved, and it became possible to achieve significant results due to new tools and options.

In addition, by the end of the year, the interface will be supplemented with:

  • purchase of end-to-end, social and crowd links;

  • convenient financial statistics;

  • by checking the items in issue.

Sape’s updated interface and tools will allow you to implement link strategies of any complexity. Advance with minimal resource consumption and bring sites to the top even more productively.

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