iOS 16 is out: what’s new


Apple has released an update to the iOS operating system. Version 16 brought a ton of visual changes, including a completely redesigned lock screen.

The main innovation was the ability to create multiple lock screens. Now you can choose different variations of the wallpaper for the occasion, as well as add small widgets right under the clock. The weather, schedule from the calendar and other data are always in mind.

Dynamic widgets have appeared that show relevant information in real time. For example, the time until the order is issued or the taxi arrives.

In the new iOS, a lot of attention was paid to AI capabilities. Now it’s easier to translate texts using the camera, the function of copying text directly from the video has appeared, as well as the ability to cut out any object from any photo in a second.

Option to copy text from video freeze frame

This is how the video text copying function looks like. Image:

The corporate mail program has been updated: now you can cancel sending messages and set reminders. New features have also been added to Notes and Reminders, Safari now lets you create shared tab groups, and SharePlay works over both FaceTime and iMessage.

The update is available on all iPhones, starting with the iPhone 8. You can read more about the company’s new products in our article on the September presentation and on the official Apple website.

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