In the US, a vertical farm will be placed in a former data center


A former data center (DTC) in Herndon, Virginia, will be turned into a vertical farm to grow greens and vegetables. Beanstalk, which is handling the project, also plans to house its headquarters in the space.

Beanstalk has been hosting indoor vertical farms in former commercial spaces since 2017. They are investing $2 million in the current project, plus $200,000 will be provided by the local government in the form of grants. It is planned to deliver products to local supermarkets and directly to customers. It is assumed that the new facility, in addition to growing crops, will also be used as a large showcase, as well as a center for development and research.

As reported on the DataCenter Dynamics portal, the building under the code name 251 Exchange Place has functioned as a data center for the past 10 years. Its total area is approximately 6,596.12 square meters, 2,175 square meters were allocated for IT space. and about 5 MW of power in four halls.

Companies are using former data centers to house vertical farms because of the similar requirements for housing conditions – both require electricity, water, air conditioning and backup power sources. Previously, when this business was just starting to gain momentum, company owners had to use the data center due to the lack of specialized equipment, Servernews notes.

We will remind you that a data center with beehives on the roof appeared earlier in Austria, and one of the Barcelona data centers was located in a chapel.

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