Yandex added a text recognition function to the smart camera

A text recognition mode has appeared in Yandex’s smart camera. Now, when hovering over a word or phrase, it will be possible to copy and save them. The user can also send the scanned text to the messenger or Yandex search.

The new function is available in the smart camera in Yandex Browser, as well as in mobile applications on iOS and Android. To use it, you need to open the corresponding section in the program, go to the text scanning function, point the lens, and then press the button.

How text scanning works in Yandex's smart camera

For example, to search for books, you don’t have to type in their title manually, it’s enough just to point the camera at the cover. In addition, the function also allows you to copy text from slides and lecture notes.

The smart camera recognizes texts in 47 languages. For this, neural networks are used, which search for text areas in the image. At the same time, they analyze images of letters, neighboring words and symbols. A similar technology is used in the “Translation” mode.

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