Tools for promoting programs have appeared in RuStore


In the domestic online store RuStore, tools for promoting their programs became available to developers. Now they have the ability to connect and use marketing push notifications, create analytical links and add the “Available to RuStore” button.

With the help of messages, developers will be able to inform users about news, promotions or discounts in programs. The company’s press release reports that such an innovation is especially important for those who cannot promote their services and interact with the audience through foreign platforms.

Users will also be able to customize notifications in their account settings, and developers will be able to create and adjust them through their personal account. To do this, you need to create a push notification project for your application. At the same time, you should come up with a name, specify the name of the Android package and the signature print. There can be several such projects, for example, one for testing and another for further use.

In addition, in RuStore you can now create special links that, when clicked, direct you to the store or immediately to the installed application. They reduce the number of intermediate actions and allow the user to immediately get to the desired page. Also, authors will be able to create a button “Available in RuStore”, then place it on their website or on other platforms.

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