VKontakte announced the next stage of updating the mobile application


The next stage of the development of the VKontakte social network includes an updated design of communities, a new cabinet for authors in VK Video with expanded statistics and monetization tools, as well as a number of other features. All of them are aimed at the development of communities and their easier management for content creators.

This time, a number of changes will be made:

  • New community design. It emphasizes bright covers and a “content showcase” where fresh and up-to-date materials will be displayed. The rest of the media content will be available in nearby tabs. The information section at the top of the community will begin to adapt to the specific user – it will show new items to existing subscribers, the rest will see a short description to get to know the community and subscribe to it.

New design of VK communities

  • Development of the recommendation display mechanism. Oleksandr Tobol, CTO of VKontakte, VK Video and VK Klipov, spoke about the implementation of ML recommendations for content adaptation taking into account “clip thinking”. In this case, neural networks will begin to generate different covers for the video, taking into account the interests and behavior patterns of the viewers. In the future, algorithms will introduce long-form videos through an automatically generated short trailer or draw attention to long-form videos with a squeeze.
  • New office for video content authors While this tool is in beta testing, you need to submit an application to participate. The tool will be further developed based on feedback and the results of open testing. And so far it is known that authors can study the needs and tastes of viewers, their reaction to different types of content to increase engagement and activity. Statistics on uploaded videos, watch duration, unique viewers, audience structure and even monetization will also become available.

New office of video authors

  • Monetization tools. VKontakte’s press release states that one-time donations will appear on VK Donut. You can send them directly in the comments to the posts. An update of the affiliate program is also expected, the testing of which showed a 9% increase in earnings for novice content creators.
  • Updates in history and VK Clips. A new section with personal selections will appear in stories. The algorithm will automatically select stories for the user based on his interests. There will also be an opportunity to attach external links and set privacy for individual stories. In VK Clips, they plan to launch mobile broadcasts, an improved video editor and the possibility of publishing clips in the web version of VKontakte in Full HD resolution and with support for 60 FPS.

About a month ago, we in the Community wrote about the release of the first stage of VKontakte updates, as a result of which the content design was changed, new aspect ratio options were introduced, visual accents were shifted, etc.

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