IT memes in the Community: issue 21

Friday and a new issue with IT humor from the editors of the Community. We tried to find relevant, familiar and funny. Rate and like!

So, let’s start with planning:Rescue plan

Source: at the link


How standards multiplySource: at the link

And learning programming languages ​​(and not only):

What language do you know?

Source: at the link

GameSource: at the link

A familiar story for both the designer and the developer:

Round squareSource: at the link



ü Source: at the link


A talking groupSource: at the link

And even more clearly:

Objects in YapSource: at the link

Tail recursion:

An endless processSource: at the link

Code: working. Developer: doubts

Two approachesSource: at the link

When he decided to change his profession at the age of 30 and got a job in a young IT company:

When, at the age of 30, he decided to change his profession in ITSource: at the link

JS developer’s well-deserved cake:

Cake of the developerSource: at the link

When a fix is ​​badly needed:

CorrectionSource: at the link

Design and evolution of C++:

ConceptSource: at the link

That’s all. Have a nice weekend!

Work processSource: at the link

Previous issue: IT memes in the Community: issue 20.

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