Cybercriminals launched a fake Apple presentation to steal cryptocurrencies


According to the publication The Verge, the attackers conducted a fake broadcast of the Apple event in parallel with the corporation itself and tried to make money from cryptocurrency scams.

The publication found out that thousands of users simultaneously watched Apple’s “event” launched by cybercriminals. They opened a broadcast on YouTube, during which they showed an old interview of Tim Cook. Moreover, this video was even offered as recommended content to some users who were recently interested in Apple.

The logos of crypto exchanges and coins were superimposed on top of the interview itself. At the same time, the description contained links to sites that are in no way related to Apple. The addresses led to fake resources that could be used to spread malware and steal crypto wallets. The newspaper reports that almost 70,000 people watched the corporation’s fake broadcast.

Google has already reacted and removed the recording of the fake presentation from its site.

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