What is a dream job: the opinion of the Timeweb team


People devote a significant part of their time and energy to work, therefore it is so important that its performance brings satisfaction or at least satisfaction – moral or material. A job that brings not only money, but also joy is called a “dream job.”

We interviewed 77 Timeweb employees to find out what their “dream job” is, and to find out what the experts say: does the ideal job really exist and how can we create an environment where our employees feel truly happy.

Not just a salary

Psychologists believe that those for whom three factors have coincided can get satisfaction from their work. First, you need to understand your goals and define your tasks. Otherwise, how will you know that your activities are in line with the chosen strategy? The second important factor is knowledge and skills. Regardless of seniority and experience, each of us has something to learn. Continuous development and adherence to the concept of life-long learning will allow you to find your dream job. The third factor is external conditions.

It seems obvious to assume that a high salary plays the most important role in job satisfaction. But as early as 1978, psychologists found out that this is not quite the case. At that time, the Psychology Today magazine published an article by scientists Edward Lawler and Patricia Renwick, “What you really want from your job.” The leading positions were taken by overcoming challenges, being involved in creating something meaningful, and being able to expand one’s skills. At the same time, the material reward appeared only on the 12th line.

A similar study was conducted in 2021 by Robota.ru and the Viber messenger, and more than 8,500 Russians took part in it. 72% of respondents named a high salary as the main feature of a dream job, half of the respondents emphasized the importance of a good work team, another 46% of participants named an important factor in the stability of the company, 45% – comfortable working conditions, and 41% – a good manager. 36% of respondents emphasized the need for professional growth. For 31% of respondents, convenient location of work was important. 26% note the importance of interesting and ambitious tasks, and one in five (21%) – the presence of a social package and intangible bonuses. A flexible schedule makes 19% of respondents happy, another 18% prefer to have remote work. 15% of research participants would like to work where they help society, and 8% value rapid career growth.

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6 signs of a dream job and the opinion of Timeweb employees

To receive not only material, but also moral satisfaction from work is a luxury available to few. We conducted our own survey and found out what our Timeweb colleagues think is important.

Here are 6 criteria that, according to psychologists, have the greatest influence on the degree of job satisfaction. Our colleagues told us which they consider the most significant.


High salary

Whatever your dream job is, the pay must be fair to keep you satisfied. The greater the gap between what employees think they should be earning and what they actually earn, the lower their job satisfaction. Psychologists note the crucial importance of perception. For example, if you understand that other people doing similar work are getting paid about the same, you are more likely to be satisfied with the compensation. According to our survey, salary is a key component of a dream job, 64% of respondents called it the most important factor.

Low job satisfaction is always the fault of the manager or organization. Problems at home often lead to problems at the office. Some studies show that problems at the office are more likely to spill over into the family than the other way around. Either way, being able to distance yourself from work while at home can increase job satisfaction. Work-life balance turned out to be critically important for 60% of Timeweb employees surveyed.


A clear area of ​​responsibility and the ability to independently monitor your work

Our colleagues consider this criterion the third most important. its importance is reported by 55% of respondents. In your dream job, you may have specific tasks that you must complete, but how you complete them is entirely up to you.

Specialists in the field of HR are sure that strict external control leads to violations of regulations, theft and other subversive activities in the workplace. Psychologists have found that people who have little freedom in the workplace find their work very stressful and therefore unsatisfying. Employees who have the opportunity to independently control their work, even performing routine tasks bring more joy.


Support from the company: individual development plans, benefits, training opportunities

Employees want to know that their organization cares about them and to receive a comprehensive return. First of all, this is the attitude of the superiors and the variety of additional benefits and opportunities. If people feel a lot of support from the company, they feel job satisfaction and are more likely to feel like they are in their dream job. 52% of Timeweb employees called this criterion very important and none of the interviewees rated it as insignificant.

It is important to understand that all these opportunities should not only be formally prescribed, but also absolutely available to all employees. If people don’t know what support measures a company has, it’s as if they don’t exist at all.


Regular feedback from management

Psychologists believe that not knowing whether you are doing a good job is one of the most annoying things for most employees. When it comes to job satisfaction, no news is bad news. Negative feedback can be painful, but at least it will tell you what can be improved. On the other hand, positive feedback can be crucial in how satisfied people are. Regular feedback can turn a routine job into a dream job. 43% of Timeweb employees rated this criterion as one of the most important, and only 1% of respondents called it unimportant.


Complexity and variety of tasks

People enjoy work more if the tasks are challenging and varied. Psychologists believe that difficult (but doable) work prevents boredom in the workplace. In order for employees to enjoy their work, they need both challenges and a variety of tasks they perform. 37% of Timeweb employees agree with this.

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After evaluating the list of criteria that psychologists and HR specialists consider key to forming an idea of ​​their job as a dream job, we will find that there is little that is impossible in it. So why can’t everyone have such a job?

The fact is that many organizations try to provide comfortable working conditions for their employees only formally. Managers often do not believe that intangible motivation matters. But the research and our survey show that not only the financial criterion is important. By paying enough attention to a comfortable environment, individual development and creating a bonus system, most managers can offer their employees a “dream job”.

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