The USA has 53% of the capacity of the largest data centers


According to Synergy Research Group, the number of hyperscaler data centers increased in the second quarter of 2022 to 800+ units, with 53% of their capacity connected in the US, and more than a third of this number concentrated in one state – Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia is known as a world hub for data center placement, and a powerful infrastructure has been created around the so-called Data Center Alley. At the same time, the residents of nearby cities were repeatedly indignant at such a close neighborhood and tried to settle the situation. One of the latest “confrontations” is the possible construction of a large Amazon data center, for which new 230 kV power lines will be laid next to residential buildings.

However, Virginia has a larger concentration of super-large data center capacity than Europe and China. As Servernews writes, the American state attracts companies with its developed infrastructure, tax benefits and affordability of land and electricity prices.

Amazon itself, along with Google and Microsoft, are the largest providers of cloud services, with more than 130 data centers, with 25 in each of the three main regions (North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe).

Distribution of data center capacities


In other words, the US accounts for more than half of total hyperscaler data center capacity, with the other half relatively evenly distributed across Europe, China, and the rest of the world. And among European countries, Ireland and the Netherlands are leading in terms of the number of large data centers.

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