Sape Case Competition 2022 is a competition of successful projects in SEO

Are you effectively promoting sites with the help of link building, or maybe even using your own unique techniques and methods? Now you have the opportunity to tell everyone about your experience and achievements, as well as win valuable prizes!

The Sape company announces the holding of a global competition of SEO projects Sape Case Competition 2022. Any SEO specialist can participate. Choose your best project, demonstrate in practice skills, successful solutions and methodologies in search engine optimization and link building. You will be able to exchange practical experience with colleagues, receive and apply recommendations from recognized industry experts.

How to participate

Get involved if you’re a freelancer, in-house professional or agency worker.

  1. Make a case according to the template and send it through the application form.

  2. Delegate access rights to the counter to confirm ownership of the case.

  3. Participate in live broadcasts, implement expert recommendations and improve case performance.

More about competition rules read here.

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The competition is held in several stages:

  • Registration of participants until October 3.

  • From October 4, the analysis of projects on live broadcasts with SEO experts.

  • From October 25 – open voting.

  • November 17 – summing up the results of the competition live and announcing the winners.


According to the results of the audience voting, the 3 best works will be chosen, which will be divided prize fund of 100,000 rubles:

  • 1st place – 50,000 rubles;

  • 2nd place – 30,000 rubles;

  • 3rd place – 20,000 rubles.

There will also be the most interesting cases published in industry media. Publications increase the visibility of the company and the specialist, improve the image and give potential customers the opportunity to learn about you.

SEO experts

They will speak to the participants and analyze cases on live broadcasts key experts search engine marketing:

  • Oleksandr Shestakov, product manager of Links.Sape.

  • Andriy Buylov, head of the Murashnyk agency.

  • Vladyslav Shepelev, Head of SEO at Demis Group.

  • Mykhailo Shakin, author of the blog.

  • Ramazan Mindubaev, head of the SEO department at TRINET.Group.

  • Serhiy Shaburov, Head of SEO at Kokoc Group.

Find out the opinion of qualified specialists about the work performed – perhaps their recommendations will help correct shortcomings and finalize the project, and maybe even look at the usual principles from a different angle.

Come with SEO projects you are proud of and join the fight for the top prize!

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