Qrator Labs: the national segment of the Internet in the Russian Federation has become less stable


Qrator Labs, a company specializing in network security, has submitted an annual report on the stability of the national segment of the Internet. According to his conclusion, Russia has lost four positions in the rating for a year – at the moment it occupies the 14th place in the top 20.

At the same time, the maximum percentage of possible failure of networks according to the report was 5.5%, and a year earlier this indicator was equal to 5.08%. This means that exactly this share of networks will lose availability in the event of a failure of the national communications operator, i.e. Rostelecom.

The deterioration of Russia’s position is associated with increased consolidation – large players are buying small ones, technological unification of networks is taking place, the number of single points of failure is increasing, which leads to a decrease in their stability. The situation is aggravated by the shortage of equipment due to the departure of foreign suppliers and the use of devices to block prohibited information.

Qrator Labs CEO Oleksandr Lyamin believes that if this trend continues, Russia may leave the top 20 next year. Kommersant also reports that this year, the USA, which took 17th place last year, as well as Thailand and Spain, dropped out of the ranking. At the same time, Ireland, Belgium and Hong Kong returned.

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