Research: in a year, interest in employment in IT increased 1.5 times


The specialists of and Avito Roboty analyzed how the demand in the IT labor market changed, comparing the data for the first quarter of 2021 and 2022. In general, interest in employment in IT increased by 1.5 times during this period, and the activity of applicants increased the most in Tolyatti (2.5 times), Irkutsk (2 times), Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod (1.9 times).

The research results are divided into several parts: development, digitalization of business, databases and analytics, website creation. The full report can be found here, and here are some takeaways from it:

  • Developers are the most popular specialists on the market. The trend is development in Python (+54%), CSS (+48%), Java (+51%) and Javascript (+39%).
  • During the year, the demand for software development for Linux (by 61%) and the creation of neural networks (by 84%) increased.
  • 5x more companies posted jobs looking for blockchain developers, and game developer jobs increased by 3% (for mobile) and 63% (for PC).
  • Digitalization of business affects more and more enterprises, therefore the demand for the services of integrators is also increasing. For example, for document flow automation services (+51%), CRM implementation (+52%) and development of chatbots for messengers and social networks (+61%).
  • The demand for information security specialists (+18%) and testers (+81%) is increasing. It is also a consequence of the transition to deletion and the need for companies to ensure the security and privacy of information.
  • The demand for SQL (21%), PostgreSQL (52%), MongoDB (48%), Redis (42%) is increasing, and Data Science specialists (32%) are in trend.
  • In the plan of creating sites, the development of the user’s personal account, mobile version of the resource and adaptive layout is most often required.

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