Research: what support measures are lacking for employees of companies in the Russian Federation


Recruiting company Get experts, together with the Russian School of Management, investigated the level of employee support. The sample consisted of 1,250 respondents, employees of both Russian companies and Russian representative offices of international business were interviewed. Respondents were asked to rate measures of material and non-material support on a 5-point scale, and this is what came out of it.

The majority of respondents (30.4%) rated the support from employers as a four. 27.3% of respondents gave a three, and 21.1% – a five.

The researchers further clarified what exactly employees need in the current unstable socio-economic environment. It turned out that 27.3% lack corporate events. 23.5% said they needed the ability to work remotely, and 23.5% said they needed help relocating to offices abroad. Further, 16.6% of respondents would be happy to assess the level of stress among employees, 14.9% want sports activities or compensation for sports expenses.

Among other needs, it is worth noting the review of the scope of duties, as well as the implementation of measures that allow employees to pay attention to the state, increase financial literacy, shorten the work schedule and even provide a long vacation.

Anastasia Borovska, director of the Russian School of Management, comments on the results of the study as follows:

In times of uncertainty and turbulence, many companies find it difficult. Some managers go into austerity mode and first of all cut off all measures of non-material motivation of the staff. More than 20% of employees say that they are dissatisfied with the actions of employers in this field. And this is an important bell for business: it is necessary to pay attention to this problem, to solve it, not to reduce support measures, but to revise them according to changes in the market and the needs of employees.

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