Minima is available for auto-installation on Timeweb Cloud


Greeting! We have good news – our engineers have rolled out a Minima node image for auto-installation on Ubuntu 20.04 servers.

Minima is the world’s most decentralized blockchain and minerless distributed PoW network. You can learn more about it on the official website of the network. Since the project is at the testnet stage, users are credited with 1 Minima coin every day for the operation of the node.

Below we will tell you how to start a node on the Timeweb Cloud server:

  1. First, register for IncentiveCash using your phone number and email address.

  2. We are currently registering on the Timeweb Cloud website.

  3. Find Minima in the marketplace and click on it.The minimum

  4. We configure server resources, connect backups and select additional services, if necessary. We confirm the account and pay the tariff! After the purchase, you will receive a login data to the server.

  5. We connect to the server via SSH through any convenient client or terminal. If you use the terminal or the command line, then the connection will be made by the command:

  6. Return to your personal IncentiveCash account and find your Incentive ID. It should be inserted in the following command instead of x’s:

If “LAST PING” is displayed in the personal account of IncentiveCash, then the node has been successfully launched. Now you will receive 1 coin every 24 hours. You can check your balance in your personal IncentiveCash account.

If you have any difficulties with running Minima, Timeweb Cloud Support is always happy to help you!

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