How to unblock a user on Discord


Blocking users in Discord is a common thing, especially if there is active communication on the servers, which smoothly flows into personal messages. However, in addition to blocking, sometimes it may be necessary to remove restrictions from the account, which can be done by various methods.

Method 1: Through personal messages

This option of unblocking any user in Discord is suitable if you have not yet cleared correspondence with him and you have access to him. Most often, this happens if the blocking was based on emotions or “accidental”. However, the purpose of blocking is not important at all, the main thing is that it can be removed in just a few clicks.

  1. First, open the messages section by clicking on the first icon on the left panel.Go to friends list to unblock a Discord user

  2. Find the blocked user in your emails and read the message at the bottom that you can’t message them because of the block. The button will be right next to it “Unblock”which is required to remove restrictions.Search for messages to unblock a user in Discord

  3. If your purpose of unblocking is only to read automatically blocked messages, you can do without only showing specific ones by clicking on the button “Show message”.Recover messages to unblock a Discord user

  4. If the user is unblocked, all messages from personal correspondence will be restored and available for reading.Automatically restore messages after unblocking a Discord user

Now you know that if correspondence with a person has been saved, it will not be so difficult to unblock him. The instructions above will help with this, and if the dialogue did not appear, choose one of the following methods.

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Method 2: Through the context menu of user management

Let’s say you found a previously blocked user on a shared server or found his message on some channel. Then it will also be possible to remove the block using the user control context menu, through which, by the way, he could have been blocked. The number of actions during the implementation of this method will be minimal.

  1. Find a user’s name or avatar in the list of members or among messages on any server’s channel. Right-click on an icon or name to bring up a context menu.Call the control context menu to unblock a user in Discord

  2. Find a point in it “Unblock” and click on it with the left mouse button.Selecting an item in the context menu to unblock a Discord user

  3. In this case, no messages will be shown, so you need to check the success of the unlocking yourself. To do this, call up the same context menu again and pay attention to the item “Block”. If there is, then the person is now unblocked, you can write personal messages to him, and he will respond to them.Checking the context menu item to unblock a Discord user

Method 3: Through the list of blocked users

This option of removing restrictions will be useful for those users who cannot find this person on the servers in Discord or do not know who and when they blocked. For such a case, the developers made a separate category in the section “Friends”where all blocked people are displayed, respectively, with buttons to unblock them.

  1. In the panel on the left, click on the first button again to go to the section “Friends”. In it, on the top panel, select the tab “Blocked”.Go to the blacklist to unblock a Discord user

  2. Read the list of blocked users and decide who you want to unblock. Additionally, I would like to note that this window has a search bar, if you suddenly want to find a person by their name.Blacklist check to unblock a Discord user

  3. No messages appear when unlocking, the user simply disappears from this list. So click the required number of times to unblock all the accounts that are no longer needed in the blacklist.Click the blacklist button to unblock a user in Discord

Method 4: Through server settings

The last option applies only to those blocks that were made on the server, that is, users were not included in the personal blacklist, namely, they were banned from the server. In this case, the method of removing restrictions is slightly different, and only an administrator with the granted rights or the server creator himself can implement it.

  1. If you are the same admin or creator, open the server and click on its name to bring up the menu. In it, click on the item “Server Settings”.Opening the server menu to unblock a Discord user

  2. In the left panel, find a category “Moderation” and click on the line “Bathrooms”.Go to the section in the server settings to unblock a Discord user

  3. You now see a list of blocked members and can click on any account to get more information.Searching for server members to unblock a user in Discord

  4. In a small window, the reason for blocking will be indicated, and below – a button “ban”which will remove all restrictions if necessary.Actions with server members to unblock a Discord user

  5. In addition, I will pay attention to the fact that there is a search bar on the page with bans. Enter an account name to check if a specific member is on this list.Search string in the blocked list to unblock a user in Discord

These were all methods of unblocking Discord users that I wanted to talk about. I hope you found the right one among them and successfully coped with the task without any difficulties.

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