Google Docs stopped displaying images


Both images inside documents and user profile images are not loading. For several days now, the Google service has been working in Russia with violations – images do not load with a stable Wi-Fi connection and without VPN enabled.

Russian users have created a Google Docs Editors Help discussion thread where they share the problems they find. Many people have stopped displaying images in the desktop version of Google Docs, and this does not depend on providers, OS and browsers. Enabled VPN helps, while Google Docs works stably in the mobile version.

An example of unloaded pictures

As Kod Durov writes, one of the reasons may be a service slowdown or an unsuccessful blocking of something by Roskomnadzor, which also affected Google Docs. However, there was no official information about it. In addition, according to, failures are also observed in other Google services: extensions from the Chrome Web Store do not load, there are no covers in YouTube Music, and thumbnails of photos of places do not open in Google Maps.

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