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This article will be useful not only for beginners, but also for those who have already mastered Microsoft Excel. In it, I will talk about all the known methods of finding and using templates, and I will also show you how to export a table as a template yourself to make it publicly available. However, let’s start with methods of finding blanks on any topic.

Method 1: Built-in search in Microsoft Excel

Using the built-in template search in Excel is the easiest and fastest way to find a suitable blank for you, which will help you solve tasks of varying complexity without spending time on independent design and creation of functions. To go to the menu with templates, you only need to perform a few simple actions:

  1. If you have already started Excel or created a new sheet, select the tab on the top panel “File”.Go to File to use templates in Microsoft Excel

  2. By default, there are only two basic templates, so it is better to open the full list by clicking on the button “Other Templates”.Opening a complete list for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  3. Check out the names, uses, and thumbnails of popular blanks. Among them are tables for budget management, schedules, calendars and much more, which can be useful for both the simple user and the employees of enterprises.Familiarizing yourself with the checklist for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  4. If you are interested in a specific category of blanks, click the button “Search for templates on the web” or follow the tips in the list below.Using Search to use templates in Microsoft Excel

  5. Now the results will be generated exclusively from your query. Titles and thumbnails are also displayed, which will allow you to make an evaluative judgment about the template and decide whether it is worth downloading for future use.Search results for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  6. Double-click the template with the left mouse button to select it. In a new window, confirm the creation.Button to create a document for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  7. You will be redirected to a sheet with the standard content of the workpiece. Read the hints on the screen to understand which cells should be edited and which should not be edited, so as not to break the work of the created formulas.Spreadsheet tips for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  8. When switching between sheets, you will often see additional information that will also help you understand the contents of the table and understand how to apply it for your purposes.Switch between sheets in a spreadsheet to use templates in Microsoft Excel

This is the most basic and simple method of how you can find ready-made tables for various tasks, see what functions are used in them, how formatting is implemented and much more.

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Method 2: Official Microsoft website

In fact, this method repeats the previous one, but it has its own characteristics. Sometimes it is easier to use the browser for searching, additionally on the page of the template you can read its description and consider the standard letter in more detail. Along with this, the developers will offer to purchase premium templates, which differ from the standard ones in terms of complexity and detail.

  1. Open the main page of and in the top bar select the item Templates.Go to the section on the official website for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  2. If you already know the category of the workpiece that you want to find and open through Microsoft Excel, activate the search bar and enter your query.Using the search on the official site to use templates in Microsoft Excel

  3. And if not, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the results of the categories by choosing one of them among the tiles below.Selecting a category on the official website for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  4. Premium templates will be marked with a blue label with a diamond on top. You can expand the entire list of paid blanks and see how they differ from free ones and whether they can be useful for you.View premium options for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  5. Most of the blanks are distributed freely. There are really thousands of them, on different topics. I suggest you make sure of this yourself by scrolling through the issue on the official website.List of free options for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  6. After selecting a template, click “Download”to get it as a file in the appropriate format.Download button on the official website for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  7. Wait for the download to finish and open the template in Excel to check the sheets and edit them further.Opening the resulting table for using templates in Microsoft Excel

Method 3: Third-party sites with templates

Enthusiasts and theme site owners offer alternative template options by making them freely available. Many of these tables are proprietary, narrowly focused, or have other characteristics that prevented them from being added to the general library. If you decide to use third-party sites, the main thing is to download files exclusively in Excel format so as not to run into viruses.

  1. Searching for templates on such sites looks the same as it was shown above. Sometimes the developers of such web resources give more information about the files before they are downloaded.Search third-party sites for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  2. Many people post entire instructions, which tell about each component of the template, about all functions, their operation and relationships. It will be very useful for those who are looking for a blank for Excel to learn new functions and learn how to use them properly.Instructions on third-party sites for using templates in Microsoft Excel

  3. On the page with the template, you need to find the download button.Downloading a file from a third-party site to use templates in Microsoft Excel

  4. Sometimes the template will be open for viewing through Google Drive, which additionally allows you to make sure that it is safe. If this is the case, click the down arrow button on the top bar to download the file.View on a third-party site to use templates in Microsoft Excel

Export the file as a template

Let’s say you want to publish your template in an official library from Microsoft or just open access so that other users can interact with it. Of course, in this case, you can use saving in a simple XLSX format, but this is not really relevant for such projects. Excel has a special template export format, which is translated as follows:

  1. Open the spreadsheet you want to make a template from. In the top panel, select a section “File”.Go to the File section to export templates to Microsoft Excel

  2. An additional window will appear in which you need to find the item on the left panel. “Export”.Open the save menu to export templates to Microsoft Excel

  3. After clicking on it, two save options will appear, you should specify “Change file type”.Go to Change File Format to Export Templates to Microsoft Excel

  4. It remains only to choose the format of the template, finding it in the list. Click on this point twice with the left mouse button.Selecting a template format to export to Microsoft Excel

  5. Give the template file a name and save it anywhere on your computer that you find convenient.Enter a file name to export templates to Microsoft Excel

Templates in Microsoft Excel are a very interesting type of documents, because with their help you can start working with an electronic spreadsheet not from scratch, but with existing general data and a beautiful design. Use one of the blank search methods or export your templates as shown above.

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