5 ways to visualize data on the landing page


Creating landing pages (landing pages) is one of the key elements of marketing and a reliable tool for attracting customers. Marketers are constantly working to optimize them by studying buyer behavior, load times, forms and offers to increase conversion rates.

If the task of the website is to provide maximum information about the company and services, then the landing page calls the potential client to one specific action. It is companies with 31-40 landing pages that receive 7 times more leads than companies with 1-5 landing pages.

It is great if you have data that confirms the professionalism of the company and the need to buy your product. But reviews and numbers are unlikely to interest a significant portion of the target audience of the landing page – 80% of users are more likely to pay attention to content with illustrations. That’s why 58% of landing pages contain clickable graphics.

We talk about the five most popular methods of data visualization.


There is no easier way to draw attention to an object on the page than to make it move. Animation is the most effective vaccine against banner blindness.

Movement draws users’ attention and makes them pay more attention to the data. Compare, for example, a simple geographical map with colored spots that show the temperature in different areas, and a wind map that shows the movement of air currents in real time.

Weather animation


You can animate both maps and simple graphics. You can create visualizations by layering elements on top of each other, changing the size and shade of each element to draw attention to the most interesting numbers. Like this chart of the world’s biggest data breaches, which shows the sites that have fallen victim to cybercrime.

Figures on the sites


After all, the video itself can significantly decorate your landing page or play the role of a full-fledged offer. Statistics show that video landing pages can increase conversions by 86%. Videos are played on the page using the YouTube or Vimeo player and are often perceived by users as entertainment content. A landing page video helps sell a complex product, such as a CRM system or program.

Who is suitable for:

  • IT companies,
  • event agencies,
  • media

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Icons and static numbers

Even small visualizations have a big impact on the buyer. People are always busy. They want to just scroll down the page and quickly look at the headlines and images to get an overall impression.

Add icons to your data to get your point across without taking your landing page time to read every word. To draw extra attention to this data, connect a simple animation. For example, Illuminated Integration briefly listed the types of equipment they installed and animated the actual numbers.

Icons and static numbers


Particularly impressive indicators can be presented without additional illustrations. A large static image of a number and a signature to it will attract the attention of a potential client on its own.

Numbers of Alfa Bank


This visualization is suitable for companies operating in an ultra-competitive market. If the offer itself is not unique, then the number of divisions and completed projects can become a competitive advantage.

Who is suitable for:

  • manufacturing companies,
  • service companies,
  • banks

Timeline and mind map

If you want to share your company’s history and important industry milestones, or explain how a complex system you’re selling through a landing page works, use a timeline. The user follows a timeline on which key data is visually highlighted.



A more difficult way to highlight data within a general array of information is a mind map, or mental map. Such a visualization allows the site visitor to independently understand the history of projects, to consider the data of interest, to trace the interrelationships. To make the map more saturated, accompany it with animation and provide the ability to zoom in on individual branches.

Visual site


Who is suitable for:

  • analytical and marketing agencies,
  • companies with a complex product.


Another way to talk about complex things in an interesting and simple way is infographics. It is a combination of illustration and explanatory text for a more attractive visualization of large data sets. Use this tool to explain practical processes, such as on-page SEO principles, or perform benchmarking.

And it’s also a great way to visually combine various interesting facts about the company. For example, the Brussels airport has an infographic about how many planes have been de-iced, how much concrete has been laid on the runways, which destinations are most often chosen by passengers and how much beer they drink at the airport every day.



It is important not only to collect and interestingly present key facts, but also to design an illustration taking into account the corporate style of the company. Contact a designer to make your infographic stand out against similar templates.

Who is suitable for:

  • companies with a complex product,
  • analytical and marketing agencies.

Charts and graphs

A classic way to visualize data is graphs and charts. They help to demonstrate the growth of indicators, the market share of the manufacturer, the efficiency of products. It is so easy to put together a graph yourself that it is tempting to show all the available numbers. But in fact, abusing diagrams will lead to the fact that the site visitor will simply not pay attention to them.

Charts and graphs on the website


Be sure to pay attention to the appearance of your graphs, make the necessary signatures and choose such a size that the page can be conveniently viewed from any device.

Who is suitable for:

  • financial companies and banks,
  • analytical agencies.

Do not try to place a large amount of data within one screen – the user does not perceive a lot of information at once. It is also important to adhere to the stylistic uniformity of all elements on the page.

If you post reviews on the landing page, be sure to accompany them with links to the customers’ social networks. But do not overload the page, 3-4 real reviews will be enough.

And be sure to check how your graphs and timelines will look on mobile devices: phones and tablets.


Mykola Marinin

Art director of Timeweb Cloud and Craftum

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