Yandex Webmaster added a new report “Site Visibility in Search”

The report is included in the new “Site Niche” section, but for now it is available to a limited number of users. However, the information in the section comes from all sites and, as noted in the Alaich Telegram channel, data collection for such a report began as early as July 1, 2022.

The “Visibility of the site in search” report includes a table with the following indicators:

  • Search requests – refer to a specific landing page of the site.
  • Popularity shows the total daily number of requests in the specified morphological form.
  • Clicks – displays the number of users who clicked from the search to the site in the context of the query and the landing page.
  • Landing and found problems in landing – contains pages that users land on from search results and possible errors.

New report in Yandex Webmaster

Image: Alaich

Information about the new report also appeared in Yandex Help. The description indicates that the new tool will help evaluate the visibility of the site and find areas of growth. There is also a definition of visibility and a formula for calculating this parameter.

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