Telegram may be banned in India for refusing to disclose user data

As reported by TechCrunch, an Indian court ordered Telegram to disclose the data of channels involved in the violation of the law related to copyright. The fact is that the materials of the KD Campus company, which creates courses and lectures, are illegally distributed in the messenger.

This is not the first time Telegram has come under attack. Critics often fault the messenger for its privacy policy, which some experts say provides a platform for criminals and lawbreakers to communicate.

Telegram is currently facing a complete ban in India because the service has refused to provide data from pirated channels (including mobile phone numbers and IP addresses of channel administrators) to the country’s authorities. KD Campus copyrighted materials are sold in these channels at discounted prices, and the communities themselves have no relation to the copyright holder.

Telegram refuses to send data, citing the need to protect users’ personal information. Law enforcement agencies, on the contrary, consider this reason insufficient and are sure that the messenger is obliged to provide any materials necessary for the investigation of crimes.

Messenger tried to invoke laws and every Indian’s right to privacy, but the court disagreed, saying that no one should be able to use a constitutional law to escape punishment for an offence.

Now Telegram will either have to violate the privacy policy or be blocked in India.

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