VKontakte announced a global update of the mobile application

One of the most extensive updates of the VKontakte mobile application will affect several key products and will be the foundation for the launch of new features related to NFT and Web 3.0. As a result, the main page with a feed, the “Services” tab, as well as the user profile and the community will receive a new design.

The update will be carried out in several stages, it will become available to all users of the social network within several months. Details are presented only for the future design of the ribbon and the main screen of the application. The VKontakte team will reveal the details of the next stages later.

So far, the press service of the social network reports that the following changes will be made to the feed:

  • Content design. Now it will be bright and exciting, just like the cover. For this, the developers will visually lighten some elements of the interface.
  • Aspect ratio options. There are plans to unify content for viewing on different devices by introducing three types of aspect ratio – 1:1, 3:4 and 4:3. Thanks to this solution, images are lined up in a neat grid, which increases the reach of authors and the interest of the audience.
  • Visual accents. Short text posts will appear directly in the feed, while longer ones will open completely when you touch the screen. Attachments will also be displayed in a minimalistic form.
  • Priority of content authors. Posts in communities created on behalf of users, as well as reposts, will begin to display photos of the authors. Thus, their participation in the content creation process is emphasized.
  • Change in the assessment principle. You can like it by double-tapping any part of the post. Also, in the feed of social networks, it will stop showing which of the friends and how they reacted to this or that publication. According to the authors, this will provide the authors with more feedback from the audience.

On August 9, the developers began testing a number of individual elements among part of the audience for the gradual launch of the new interface.

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