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It is difficult to imagine email marketing without any investments. To achieve high results, we hire marketers and pay for professional mailing services. If you can save on employees and take everything into your own hands, then you need to pay for the tools.

In this article, we will understand whether you need to buy a subscription to mailing services or whether you can find an effective replacement in the market of free solutions.

Why do you need mailing services?

A completely logical question for those who have encountered email marketing for the first time: “Why do you need mailing services, because all letters can be sent from personal mail?”.

Of course, you can send letters from a regular mailbox, but this can turn out to be:

  • The e-mail will most likely end up in the Spam folder, which means that a minimum number of people will see it. At the same time, the letter may not reach the recipient at all.
  • Statistics is one of the most important parameters that allows you to grow and conduct various studies. For example, detect the number of open letters, the number of clicks on a button, etc. If you send all the letters from personal mail, you can only dream about such possibilities.
  • It is not possible to manage unsubscribes, without this, mailings are prohibited.
  • It will be very problematic to create a good letter for distribution, since ordinary mail is not designed for this.

Among other things, with the mailing service, you can mass send letters and analyze the interaction with subscribers. You will be able to create a sales and effective letter that will bring profit, and the mailings themselves will work without violating the law.

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Nuances of free mailing services

Now that we know what a mailing service is and why we need it, let’s figure out what is good and what is bad about free services. In this section, we will consider what the choice of a budget tool can turn out to be and for what purposes it is best suited.

Most free services have a number of limitations: the number of letters sent, templates and functionality – we will talk about each of the criteria in more detail below.

A package of letters is available

As a rule, if you take any free service, you will not be able to send thousands of emails every month. For example, Mailchimp can only send 10,000 emails to 2,000 contacts. The Aweber service is even worse – only 500 contacts and up to 3,000 letters per month.

There is only one conclusion from this – the restrictions can be overlooked if the mailing is only needed for small needs. For an effective result that will bring profit, a free service will not work.


Selecting a template

Paid mailing services offer users a wide selection of different templates, with which you can create a good letter for any field. In free ones, on the contrary, everything is cut down – customers are offered several or only one template. For example, eSputnik offers only 1 template, which is only suitable for testing.

Templates are a special part of any service. They allow you to collect a letter without the involvement of a designer. You can think through everything yourself and make a really good option.

Functional feature

As we said above, mailing services are many different functions: from mass mailings to analytics and much more. Most free services cannot boast of this, so they either have reduced functionality or it is completely absent.

MailerLite, for example, offers a built-in photo editor, responsive email design, subscription forms, and A/B testing for free. But at the same time, there is no 24-hour support, and all letters have a corporate logo attached to them, there is no click map, and you cannot use time zone-based letter delivery. It is also worth considering that such services may have problems with the delivery of letters – the tool may fail at any moment.

An alternative to free services

Free mailing services are an opportunity to engage in email marketing without investments. But at the same time, as we have already found out above, this is a lot of restrictions with which it will be difficult to develop your business.

What to choose instead of a free service, it seems obvious – you need to pay a subscription. Yes, it is, but there is a more budget option – these are services with a trial period. It is worth saying right away – on such resources, you will not be able to completely get rid of restrictions. For example, in some services you cannot send more than 100 letters. However, you will get all the functionality available with the subscription.

We will consider several such services below.


DCLite email service

The mailer offers a trial account for 14 days with a limit of 100 contacts and 500 letters. Paid tariffs vary depending on the number of subscribers and the volume of available letters.


DashaMail email service

DashaMail is a service for mailing letters with a Russian-language interface. Upon registration, a trial account is automatically provided for 14 days with a limit of 100,000 subscribers and 700,000 emails per month.

The limit is quite significant, which allows you to test all the necessary functions without looking back at the limitations. However, a significant disadvantage of this service is the cost. After the trial period ends, you need to spend from 2,000 rubles, this amount allows you to receive from 10,000 letters for mailing.


Cheapsender email service

Cheapsender is the most budget service with excellent filling. It has a free trial period with no time limits. There is only a limit on the number of letters sent – 100 pieces. At the same time, you get access to all the functionality – this is a letter designer, convenient import of contacts, mailing statistics and much more.

If you need to increase the number of letters sent, you will need only 70 rubles. For this amount you can get 5000 letters. Thus, for a mailing of 50,000 letters, you need to pay only 700 rubles.

Official page: Cheapsender

Constant Contact

Constant Contact email service

The Constant Contact service has two tariff plans: Email and Email Plus. The cost depends on the size of the subscription base. The first month is free, but even then you need to provide bank card details.

One significant nuance of this service, like any other foreign service, is payment, which may not go through for users from the Russian Federation.


Drip email service

Another English-language service with a free trial is Drip. In it, each new user can test the capabilities of the platform for 14 days. There are no tariffs, the cost of platform services varies depending on the size of the subscription base. For example, 1000 subscribers costs $29, and the number of letters is not limited.


Free mailing services can be called an introductory part of email marketing. In most cases, you won’t be able to use the full suite of tools, but only try the basic options.

The best option for those who do not want to invest right away are services with a free trial period, which allows you to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the premium package.

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