Yandex added a new Mimicry filter


Since the end of last week, SEO specialists have been recording warnings from Yandex through the new “Mimicry” filter, which lowers the sites’ positions in the search results due to their similarity to other popular resources.

This is how Yandex tries to deal with copycat sites, which, according to the search engine, can mislead users. Algorithms check resources for a number of features, including evaluating original functionality and content, optimization of pages for business navigation requests and visuals – similar logos, titles, snippets, etc.



If the system recognizes the similarity as critical and decides that it was done to attract someone else’s traffic, then the positions of the non-original site in the search results will be lowered. If Yandex is convinced that the resource is similar to the original source, but does not seek to mislead visitors, the issue status should not change, says the Yandex Help.

Removing the restrictions requires removing obvious similarities to the popular resource and may take a month to restore, reports Hey, moneymaker! with a link to the Yandex support service.

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