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In order to increase the conversion, it is necessary to have a good understanding of SERMs. As a rule, more than 90% of consumers make decisions based on reviews in search results. This means that sales depend not only on advertising platforms, but also on what is in the top of Google and Yandex for relevant queries.

In this article, we will find out what the acronym SERM stands for and which sites are best suited for it.

Why is SERM needed and what tasks does it solve?

SERM (from the English Search Engine Reputation Management – reputation management in search engines) is an effective marketing tool aimed at creating a positive image of search results. At the same time, it can work even when there is no website or social networks. Users willingly write on the Internet in various reviews about all the companies with which they had to interact.

The main task of SERM is the analysis of information about the brand, identification and processing of its negative aspects and output to the top 20 results of the search engine. It is important for every business, but it plays a special role in the B2C sector. This is mostly due to the fact that people are looking for everything from a washing machine repairman to a regular toothbrush in search engines.

Reviews themselves have a very good effect on conversion: AliExpress Russia and Data Insight conducted a study and found that 9 out of 10 orders are accepted based on real reviews. They include not only comments in 2 sentences, but also photos, videos and even audio recordings. At the same time, many users ask real buyers to make sure that the product is really of high quality.

Most prospects are looking to gather as much information as possible, and SERMs do a good job of helping with that.

Use of reviews when purchasing a product statistics

Also, consumer reviews can affect the ranking results when the site is displayed in search. For example, Yandex takes into account the presence of a section with reviews on company websites.

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Pros and cons of SERMs

The main advantages of reputation management in search engines are as follows:

  • identifying problems with the product or service;
  • formation of a positive opinion about the company;
  • increase in audience loyalty and sales conversion;
  • neutralization of negative reviews about the brand in search results.

SERM is one of the best techniques for improving your online reputation, but it has a number of drawbacks. One of them is the lack of guarantees and constant costs. You can completely deal with negative results in search engines, but this does not mean that such a situation will not happen again.

For a stable result, it is important to use all methods and tools that are suitable for a specific project. Search results are characterized by frequent changes in the first positions in relation to reputational and other queries, so it is important to constantly engage in SERM.

When a SERM is needed

Most often, SERM helps in those cases when the brand had a scandalous negativity that spread on the Internet. And even if this problem has already been solved, its remnants will one way or another appear on the network.

But that’s not all, SERM will be useful in many other cases:

  • when a new product is launched, feedback from users will be more useful than ever;
  • market introduction of an unusual product or specific service;
  • the expert’s appearance on the Internet and the formation of a trusting and favorable attitude of the audience towards him;
  • the appearance of negative reviews, articles and other information that spoils the brand’s reputation.

With proper use of SERM, you can generate positive results in the search engine and give a potential customer all the information he will need to purchase a product or service.

Where is the best way to generate useful information about the brand and its components – let’s talk further.

Top sites for conducting SERM

For your convenience, I have divided the sites into 4 groups: review sites, employer review sites, marketplaces, and industry reviews. Let’s analyze each of the groups and see what they have and how they differ from each other.

Review sites

You can find quite a lot of such resources, but there are those that are in particular demand among potential customers.


Field for conducting SERM Feedback

This is one of the most popular resources where users leave reviews on almost everything on the Internet. Films, cinemas, tour operators, banks, medium and small businesses – this is evaluated. Another convenience is that you can add your organization to the map right on the review.


  • there is a column that shows quality, reliability, convenience, speed of work and security;
  • reviews consist of advantages and disadvantages;
  • there is sorting by usefulness;
  • each user has a reputation, which allows you to show expertise and that this review was not left by a bot.

Official pages: Response


A site for conducting SERM IRecommend

IRecommend is a more modern review resource. There is a handy header that lists all the categories. For example, if you sell products for children, users will be able to quickly find you and learn information about the products through the top menu.

According to the number of niches, there is everything that can be found on the Internet, even reviews of animals.


  • a pleasant design that catches the attention of users, due to which the site visits only increase, and at the same time, the search results do not lag behind;
  • there is a convenient search with which users can quickly find the company they need;
  • unlike the previous resource, there is no convenient graph that can be used to quickly understand the professionalism of the company, there is only a general rating of reviews.

Official page: IRecommend


Site for running SERM Yandex.Market

Yandex.Market is a place where not only goods are sold, but also willingly leave reviews. There is good moderation, so it is difficult for bots to sneak in. And this only says that users trust the site and appreciate what they write about on it.

However, there is a significant downside to all of this – reviews here are only for specific products, you cannot leave comments for a separate company. But at the same time, you can add a separate brand with your products to the service, where users can fully explore all the company’s products and read reviews.


  • the platform is trusted by many users;
  • a Yandex resource, which means that it will appear in the top queries in the search engine;
  • convenient navigation, thanks to which you can easily find the desired product and read its review.

Official page: Yandex.Market


Field for conducting SERM Otzyvru

Another resource where users leave feedback on various products, sites, businesses and much more.


  • there is a convenient diagram that can be used to immediately understand the reliability of the company;
  • there is an opportunity to respond to user reviews;
  • reviews can be framed with advantages and disadvantages that will be highlighted in the text.

Official page: Otzyvru

Yandex maps

Site for conducting SERM Yandex.Maps

Yandex.Maps cannot be called a full-fledged review, but it is a place that is always at the top of the search. You have to work with him. In addition, it is very convenient, since users often search for the right company through maps.

This is how it looks in Yandex:

Yandex.Maps in the search engine

When the user enters a query, the map itself is displayed on the right, and all stores with a rating are displayed below.


  • automatic display of reviews in the Yandex top;
  • company location and reviews on one resource;
  • good moderation, which excludes the appearance of bots.

Official page: Yandex maps


Site for conducting SERM 2GIS

A competitor of Yandex.Maps is 2GIS, a well-known application that is in demand on smartphones and tablets. In issuing, the service often takes the first positions, ahead of Yandex itself.

Everything else is the same as in Yandex.Maps, but the reviews are displayed less informatively. In Yandex, when you go to the reviews, a box is fixed, where general conclusions about the quality of goods or staff are located. In 2GIS, unfortunately, everything is standard – only a general summary of reviews.


  • company location and reviews on one resource;
  • reviews are not monitored as well as in Yandex;
  • you can sort reviews with answers – this is useful for users to see how the company interacts with customers.

Official page: 2GIS

Google Maps

Site for conducting SERM Google

Another mapping service is Google Maps, which is also displayed on the right in the output, but already in the Google search system. Here, just like in Yandex, there is a title for each user, for example “Local expert” – they allow you to understand who leaves a review and what competencies the commentator has.


  • reviews and contact information in one place;
  • convenient sorting of reviews according to various criteria;
  • good moderation to minimize bots.

Official page: Google Maps

Sites with reviews about employers

Such platforms allow users to find out about a future employer. Let’s look at a few such resources.

Dream Job

Site for conducting SERM Dream Job

Dream Job is one of the most saturated and popular services where users share their experience of working in one or another organization. Thanks to the convenient schedule, you can immediately understand what the company is – it contains information about working conditions, income level, team and much more.


  • comments are divided into the blocks “What I like about the employer” and “What could be improved”;
  • you can respond to comments to show that you care about everyone’s opinion;
  • There is a convenient search where you can find the right company.

Official page: Dream Job


Site for conducting SERM TipWorker

Another service that collects information about many companies. Here, each user can rate the company according to several criteria: salary, team relations, friendliness of superiors and career opportunities. As a result of all these values, an average score is collected.


  • you can answer reviews;
  • feedback can be marked as real or fake;
  • Users do not have real photos, which greatly spoils the perception.

Official page: TipWorker


Site for conducting SERM Ozone

Marketplaces rank well for requests for reviews about a specific product, although publishing reviews is not a direct line of business. Such resources include Ozon and Wildberries – on them, users most often study customer comments.


  • reviews rank well in search engines;
  • you can answer reviews;
  • the resources are perfect for those who sell goods over the Internet.

Official pages: Ozone, Wildberries

Industry reviews

Site for conducting SERM ProDoctors

These are thematic sites that are ranked in the top places in a certain industry. For example, in the topic “Tourism” TripAdvisor and TopHotels are popular, in the topic “Medicine” – ProDoktoriv and Na Popravku.

To find a platform that matches your topic, just enter its name and the word “reviews” in the search engine – these actions are best done in incognito mode.

Instead of imprisonment

SERMs are an excellent marketing tool that every company that wants high sales needs. Even when a business has a high rating and an impeccable reputation, this does not mean that there are no new tasks. Maintaining positions is already a challenge. SERM helps in this, which allows you to work out strategies and improve interaction with customers.

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