In Zen, bloggers will be able to post comments only on behalf of the channel


Bloggers in Zen will now be able to post their own comments only on behalf of the channel. This possibility, according to the developers, allows you to combine the channel and the profile of the author.

Previously, owners could choose who to publish comments on behalf of – on behalf of the blog or their own. Now they will only subscribe to the channel name. This was reported by the press service of the service.

If the author of the comment has no publications in Zen, his answers will be signed with a name from Yandex ID. After clicking on the name, the channel will open without recordings. The developers give an example of how the situation improved:

The author Liya Pantsalashvili hosts a channel about self-defense Liya v syl. Under her publications, she wrote comments under the name Liya v sila, and commented on posts in other channels as Liya Pantsalashvili. In one branch, comments from both Lia Pantsalashvili and the Lia in force channel could be found, although they have the same author. Now there will be no more confusion as all of Leah’s comments will be posted on behalf of her channel.

As for the reaction of users, some approve of this possibility at the expense of speeding up the publishing process, others are unhappy with the lack of choice. This is due to the fact that outside the channel they want to be themselves.

Previously, Zen introduced the function of mentioning other channels in the text of the post using the @ symbol and a short URL.

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