How to reduce workload and increase advertising income of the site

One of the most important indicators affecting the profitability of placing media advertising is the performance of the site. It must be regularly monitored in order not to face a decrease in traffic redemption during the monetization of your resource.

The parameter shows the share of robots in the total mass of transitions to the site. This metric is especially important for advertisers, because when paying for ad impressions, they are interested in having the creative seen by live users. Money spent on showing robots can be considered wasted.

There is a regularity – in the case of increased efficiency, the percentage of traffic redemption begins to decrease. And later, the price that advertisers are willing to pay for advertising impressions will also decrease.

A mark of 10% is considered a critical performance indicator. If this indicator is higher on your site, then most of the traffic is not redeemed. In addition, there are separate categories of advertisers who make even higher demands on resources and work only with sites whose rate of work does not exceed 5%.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the maximum redemption of your traffic and increase in the cost of impressions, aim for a work rate of no more than 5%. You can monitor this parameter using special services or in the personal account of an advertising platform, such as RTBSape. If the indicator exceeds the desired value, measures should be taken to reduce it.

How to reduce productivity

The webmaster can influence it in several ways:

  • do not use robots to trick traffic;

  • disable or optimize the sources of traffic that give the largest influx of robots (you can see them in the “Robots” report of Yandex.Metrikya);

  • determine with which user-agents the most robots visit the site, and try to prohibit them in the robots.txt file.

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Increase in advertising revenue

By reducing the work, you can see a qualitative increase in the traffic buyback, and subsequently – achieve an increase in the cost of impressions. In addition, in the third quarter, companies begin to increase their advertising budgets, so by improving the performance of the site, you can get increased income.

In order for site owners to earn more during this period, RTBSape suggests using a promotional code.WEB10» for increase in income by 10%. For this it is enough:

  1. Add a new site to the platform by September 1.

  2. Enter promo code «WEB10» in your personal account.

  3. Start work, and at the end of the month, the webmaster’s entire September profit will be increased by 10%.

At the same time, it does not matter whether he works with the platform code directly or uses it as an external header bidding-monetizer in AdFox. Offer valid for new returning users.

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