How to learn how to sell your services expensively: raise the value of a service or product

To sell your services expensively, you need to show the customer the value of your offer. The more benefits and benefits the consumer sees from purchasing the product, the higher the price he is willing to pay for it.

In the article, we will consider 8 effective ways to increase the value of a service or product in the eyes of the client.

1. Tell us about the benefits of the purchase

The service should be presented in the language of the client’s benefit. This means that you need to talk not only about the features and benefits of your offer, but also about the benefit that the customer will receive after using it. The decision to buy is fundamentally influenced by profitability, which is in monetary terms. Be sure to explain to the client how much money cooperation with you will bring him. However, the benefit is far from always manifested in money.

When buying a product or service to solve their problems, the customer wants to know whether he will be able to get rid of the problem or, for example, get the emotions he wanted to experience. The benefit may also consist in increasing the level of comfort, acquiring a certain social status or security. In addition to solving the problem in the shortest possible time, it can save time and effort.

To accomplish this task, one must clearly understand the client’s headache. Make a list of the 10 most common problems that customers face and that they can solve if they use your service or buy your product.

By understanding the buyer’s complexities, risks and constraints, you will be able to influence value by offering effective solutions to these problems, as consumers are willing to pay more for a quick solution to their difficulties.

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2. Offer useful freebies

In service marketing, you can use such a technique as offering a service that you provide for free. It will become a magnet that will attract customers. After receiving such a service, the consumer will already be determined to continue cooperation with your company.

It can be a small and inexpensive service or a bonus product gift offered in addition to the main product that will add value to your offer. An example can be promotions such as “Every seventh cup of coffee is a gift” or “Every tenth taxi ride is free.” Thus, consumers become supporters of a certain brand and will seek to order services only where they can receive bonuses.

Example of a promotionGifts can also be offered instead of discounts. If the customer asks for a discount, you can stay in the same price range if you give them a little more for the same money. The following bonuses can be credited here:

  • free education;
  • technical support 24/7;
  • premium service;
  • issuance of a loyalty card;
  • availability of free delivery;
  • free period to use something.

3. Show the component services

The client does not always understand what your product consists of, so the price may seem too high to him. It is necessary to decompose the product into its components, explain what the cost of the service consists of, and thus convince the consumer that even after paying this price, he will remain in the profit.

For example, if you conduct training, you should tell in detail exactly what is included in the training: write down how much each component costs separately and emphasize the benefit of receiving it all in bulk.

For those who are engaged in the development of sites, you can specify that the price includes web design, 10 edits, 3 internal pages, as well as adaptation of the site for mobile devices. Thus, the user buys not one, but several products at once, and is ready to pay a higher price for your work.

4. Use testimonials and case studies

Collect and publish positive customer reviews, and not only on your website or social media pages, but also on third-party authoritative platforms. Showing the results of those who have already used your product is the best proof that your offer is worth the money. A before-after of using your product that includes specific facts and figures works well.

Try to correctly design cases and reviews so that they can become a strong social proof: add a high-quality photo of your client, indicate his real name and surname, give a link to his profile in a social network.

5. Create a deficit

In order to profitably sell your services, you can limit demand. For example, to inform the client that the offer is available in the specified period of time with the specified price, and in the future it will no longer be possible to purchase this service at this price.

The same applies to products – offer limited collections, come up with various promotions, sales, special offers.

6. Demonstrate your strengths

Your offer will gain additional value if you show your advantages through numbers, facts and evidence. Tell us exactly how many clients you have served, what specific results they have achieved thanks to your work, what positive transformations have occurred with them.

Advantages in numbersAll this will emphasize that you worked for a reason and you should be contacted. It is desirable to support the information with social evidence, such as diplomas, certificates, diplomas.

7. Pack the product well

Remember the rule: what is sold is expensive and should look the same – the value increases due to how the offer of your goods or services looks. Therefore, you should not spare money on product packaging, site design, usability.

It is necessary to produce high-quality advertising and marketing materials, you should not save on photos, text, printing. The more professional and expensive the printed or electronic presentation of your product looks, the higher the customer’s opinion of you will be.

In an offline business, the appearance of the sales manager is important, as well as the location and appearance of your office.

8. Build your own brand

Positioning yourself as an expert helps increase the value of a service or product, as an expert product always costs more.

To build your own brand, highlight your own unique strengths – something that your direct competitors don’t have. Use an image that will be understandable to your target audience.

You should also study the weaknesses of the positioning of your competitors/colleagues, so that you can then take them into account when creating your own brand. For example, you make free delivery, make orders in just 2 hours, you always have favorable discounts and offers, or you use high-quality material as raw material.

Showcase your personal expertise by posting professional social media posts, grow in your field, and grow your audience.


At the end of this material, it is worth mentioning that most often the client is ready to buy a product or order a service more expensively, if your offer will increase the reliability, stability, safety of the client’s work, as well as if the product or service will make the consumer’s life more comfortable.

In addition to safety and comfort, such basic values ​​as prestige and benefit are also important. The value of a product in the eyes of the customer increases if the purchase strengthens his position, if the purchase increases his authority and significance, and if the customer ultimately earns more than he spends by paying for your product.

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