38% of Russians agree to a reduction in salary for maintaining the removal


The research center of the Superjob.ru portal found out how much Russians are willing to sacrifice their salary in order to maintain a remote work schedule.

It turned out that in general, 38% of respondents agree to cut their earnings, while 39% are not ready for it. The former justify their decision not only by the opportunity to create a more convenient work schedule, but also by the absence of transportation costs and expenses for eating outside the home.

Here are some more Superjob findings:

  • Every fifth (20%) of those surveyed agrees with a 5% decrease in salary, and every tenth (10%) – from 10%. 3% of respondents are ready to reduce their earnings by 20% and 25%.
  • 41% of men are not ready to reduce their salary for the sake of removal, and 36% of such women.
  • In 2022, the number of Russians not ready to make financial sacrifices according to the schedule decreased by 1%.

According to Superjob in the Russian Federation, the number of companies where remote work format is possible is decreasing. In July 2022, only one in nine organizations practiced removal.

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