How to start your own business without quitting your main job

For a person who works under an employment contract, the very thought of starting a business seems like a fantasy. How to start your business when you work as an ordinary clerk from 9 to 18? But the data of the joint research of the companies “Yula” and “Business.VKontakte” show that 28% of entrepreneurs successfully combine work for hire and their own business. If it works for them, it will work for you too.

What stops you from starting a business

Research by the portal shows that almost every third employee is thinking about the opportunity to start their own business.

Who wants to open his own business

But these ideas are realized by units. Fears and stereotypes arise in the minds of most people:

  • you need a lot of money or loans, and you still need to feed your family;

  • there is no information about how and where to start, how to build business processes;

  • there is no working idea or there are a lot of them and it is difficult to choose one;

  • it is necessary to pay taxes, solve problems with state bodies, find connections so that there is a “roof” – without it, the business will be taken away by bandits;

  • own business is scary and nervous.

There are other reasons due to psychology and self-esteem. For example, the conviction that if it was not possible to open a business at the age of 20, then at the age of 40 it is definitely impossible. There are examples that these patterns break:

  • Alla Tsitovych, who held the position of the head of the board of Uniastrum Bank, opened her own business at 58 years old – Nice Hostel franchise.

  • Dmytro Zimin at 59 years old founded “Beeline”.

Another limiting belief is “what people will think of me.” Husband, parents, friends can exert pressure, say that business is a disastrous business, dreams about it are childish and frivolous. That is why networking experts recommend making acquaintances with people who are a step higher in terms of status and material wealth.

By the way, one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, started his business while working in an office. He only quit when he realized that his business idea was bringing in more profit than his salary. Bill Gates is no different from us: he too has two arms, two legs, one head and 24 hours a day. Other examples:

  • Serhii Merinov, the founder of the Eivel driver’s company, started his first business while working as a technical specialist at Rostelecom.

  • Petro Kutis, the founder of the flight search company OneTwoTrip, started his business while working in Artemiy Lebedev’s studio.

  • The owner of Podarking corporate gift company, Olena Makova, started her business as a hired PR director.

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Legal aspects

The law does not prohibit combining official work under an employment contract and business: self-employment, sole proprietorship or limited liability company. However, the employment contract may contain a ban on doing business, at the discretion of the employer. Therefore, first of all, you should carefully read the fine print in the employment contract.

If there is no such prohibition, according to the law, a citizen is not obliged to notify the employer about the start of entrepreneurial activity – except for cases when this citizen is the head of the company. If he is the manager, the consent of the employer-owner must be obtained during the opening of the LLC. This is regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Article 276.

Civil servants, military personnel, judges, police officers cannot start their own business, combining it with the main work activity. Other employees of state institutions are free to become businessmen, but if they do not fall under the restrictions of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 841 dated 21.08.2012.

What it takes to start a business without quitting your job

To start a business, you need to pay attention to the preparatory stage, calculate the budget, think about which people and which tasks need to be hired. It is also important to engage in self-education, emphasizing such skills as:

  • time management;

  • sales and communication with customers;

  • internet marketing;

  • self-presentation and networking;

  • entrepreneurial thinking;

  • stress resistance.

Next, we will consider the main steps to be taken, as well as analyze the necessary skills in more detail.


Having decided to start a business and even having started it, you should not be happy to quit your job. Even if at the same time it seems that things have gone up. Moreover, it is desirable to perform one’s duties in the main place as best as possible. Salary is a guarantee of financial stability.

If you already have a business idea, it is important to devote time to the preparatory stage. This includes creating a website, developing a customer and supplier base, registering a legal form, preparing a business plan, and hiring people. Some of these things can be done in your spare time. You can and should leave the company when the main job interferes with the business, while the business brings in an income equivalent to the current salary.

Budget calculation

You need to calculate the amount of money to open your business. It is not recommended to start a business with the last money or borrowed funds – the risks are too great.

If after the calculations it turns out that there is half the required amount, then you can get a subsidy from the state. To do this, you need to draw up a business plan, defend it and convince the administration that the specified amount is not enough for implementation.

How to start your own business without quitting your job

You can also look for investments in your project or present your idea on a crowdfunding platform. If you have a digital product in the MVP or a program idea, you can contact incubators, investment funds, apply for participation in the startup competition.

Costs should be kept to a minimum. For example, using an online service for bookkeeping can be more profitable than hiring an accountant: the service costs 1,000 rubles. per month, and the incoming accountant will have to pay 20,000 rubles. Instead of renting expensive premises for meetings and negotiations, you can rent coworking spaces. Instead of a box solution, you can move part of IT services to the cloud, use free functional programs with open source code, so as not to buy expensive services.

Hiring and delegation

It is worth hiring employees when you cannot do without them. For example, you will definitely need an order processing manager for an online store, while its owner will work in the office as an ordinary clerk.

Registration of employees under an employment contract involves obligations: the need to pay wages, transfer insurance contributions, make reports to funds. Therefore, it is more rational to engage freelancers for BPH or hire an outsourcing company.

Learning to delegate is important. Hired employees or freelancers will remove some of the routine work. An entrepreneur is not someone who works two jobs like a squirrel in a wheel, but someone who builds a work system.

Time management

It will be necessary to master planning and goal setting, learn to find a balance between work and rest. Otherwise, stress and burnout are expected. There should be time for family, personal life, hobbies.

By devoting 2 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday to the business, you can get 20 hours each week or 80 hours per month. This temporary reserve can be used as a starting point when setting goals and steps towards implementation.

If the schedule involves constant employment from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. plus regular revisions (if you get up at six – they look askance at you), it will be more difficult to do business. Will come to look for opportunities, learn to make quick decisions, delegate. Instead, this is how entrepreneurial thinking will be formed.

The ideal story is a flexible or variable schedule, the ability to work from home with a minimum of control. There are simply companies in which an employee who works from home must report in the program if he needed to leave for 2 minutes to go to the toilet. In this case, you need to carve out 2-3 hours in the evening every day for business.

Time management

Sales and customer communication skills

To develop your business, it is important to develop sales and business communication skills in order to be able to:

  • convey to the client the value of their services or products;

  • provide quality service;

  • conduct negotiations, particularly tough ones.

You have to train. For example, if there is no sales experience, you can sell something on bulletin boards or in social networks. Or make a portfolio, write a commercial offer to the first potential customers, fulfill an order.

Internet marketing skills

If there is no business on the Internet, then this business does not exist.


Bill Gates

Creator of Microsoft, businessman

For promotion, you will need a website or at least a high-quality page in social networks. It is useful to learn how Internet advertising works and is configured, where to search and how to attract a target audience online, what promotion tools exist. You can make a site using a constructor – independently or by hiring a professional freelancer.

How to promote business

Self-presentation and networking

It is vitally important for an entrepreneur, especially a beginner, to prove his expertise, share knowledge and experience. Customers will not come to an unknown person if he starts selling head-to-head on the same social networks. To develop a trust, it is desirable to:

  • leave expert comments in specialized communities;

  • to communicate and make friends with professionals in their field;

  • attend specialized exhibitions, conferences, trainings, meetups, marathons.

When meeting potential customers, you cannot present your business from the position of deficit: “Buy, because the salary is not enough and there is nothing to feed the family.” It is better to emphasize that the product really and quickly solves the client’s problems.

Business club

Entrepreneurial thinking

Many people are used to receiving instructions from their parents, teachers, and superiors. If a person is going to become an entrepreneur, he needs to radically change his thinking, learn to think and act proactively, set himself tasks independently.

For this, it is useful to start communicating with other entrepreneurs on forums and social networks. Cases and experiences of other people inspire, help to see pitfalls or understand how to act in difficult situations. Not everyone is born with an entrepreneurial mindset, instinct or intelligence, but this quality is acquired through training. As a skill to read, write or count.

Stress resistance

An entrepreneur will need moral readiness for failure. The first business can turn out to be successful or unsuccessful, with a probability of 50 to 50. Most likely, you will have to open and close several businesses, learning from mistakes and gaining experience. A businessman works constantly in a state of uncertainty. He needs to adjust business processes, build relationships with employees, solve problems with suppliers.



Entrepreneurship is a risk. For many, working for an uncle is a safer option.

The good news is that it is possible to start a business without quitting your job, the more you can pick up a working business idea. To do this, you need to calculate a budget, master planning and delegation skills, as well as engage in constant self-development.

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