How to grant administrator rights on a server in Discord


The owner of the Discord server does not always manage alone, so he chooses a trusted person who can be given full management rights. For this, a separate role is created, which is assigned to one or several people at the choice of the creator.

In the framework of this article, I just want to show how the creation and configuration of the administrator role is carried out, and in the end I will show an option for those who want to transfer the rights to manage the server to another participant, for example, during its sale.

Create and configure an administrator role in Discord

Let’s start with the preparation of the administrator role and the subsequent assignment of certain server members to it. Please note that in this case, the user will receive almost a full set of rights, will be able to delete other members, manage channels and messages. Take this into account and entrust such roles only to those you trust.

  1. First, let’s create a target role, which is done in just a few clicks. To do this, expand the server management menu by clicking on its name on the top panel.Open the server menu to create an administrator role on the server in Discord

  2. Find an item in the list “Server Settings” and click on it to go to the corresponding menu.Go to settings to create a server admin role in Discord

  3. Among the sections, you are interested in the one called “Role”.Opening the roles section to create an administrator role on the Discord server

  4. You will see a number of roles created on the server. To create a new one, click the button with the corresponding name.A special button in the settings to create an administrator role on the Discord server

  5. Give the admin role a name so that it can be distinguished from another, and specify a color and select an icon if needed.Choosing a name, color, and icon to create a server admin role in Discord

  6. Next, go to the tab “Access rights”to give the administrator the appropriate rights.Go to permissions to create an admin role on the Discord server

  7. Scroll down the list of permissions and find the section “Extended Rights”. In it you will see a switch “Administrator” – Activate it. In fact, only with its help can the task be solved. You will be notified that the administrator will bypass all restrictions and receive a full set of permissions to manage members and channels.Finding the necessary general right to create an administrator role on the Discord server

  8. If you’re only interested in specific administrator rights, use the permissions search and explore the list to activate the ones you need.Setting up additional permissions to create an admin role on the Discord server

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the administrator role can be configured in the same way as other roles on the server, but with a larger list of rights. For example, you can limit funds for member management if you believe that a trusted administrator should not do this. If you do not use the Admin switch, you are not limited in options and can set any permissions you see fit.

In fact, the role itself is already ready, but no participant has been assigned to it yet, accordingly, and there are no administrators yet. To correct this situation, do not exit the settings menu, but follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the role settings tab named “Manage participants”.Go to the member list to create an admin role on the Discord server

  2. You will see a complete list of server members, and you can also use the search function if you need to find a specific name. To the left of each user is a box for setting a check mark. If the check box is on, then the participant is assigned to this role. You can add an unlimited number of administrators per server.Searching for members to create an admin role on a Discord server

  3. Be sure to press the button before exiting “Add” and confirm to save the changes for the new role settings to take effect.Confirming changes to create an administrator role on the Discord server

  4. You will see this role in the list with all the others and you can manage it at any time by assigning new administrators and removing old ones, adding or restricting certain rights.Checking the new settings for creating an admin role on the Discord server

You have just seen both the general process of creating a role on the server and some details related directly to administrator rights. All of this should help you decide on the appropriate settings and assign users to manage your community. I will repeat once again – approach this task responsibly and appoint only verified people as administrators.

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Transfer of server management rights

As promised, at the end I will show an instruction based around how to transfer rights to manage the server. Thus, you remove all privileges and become an ordinary member. The user to whom these rights have been transferred can fully manage the community, including deleting it along with all its content, if it deems it necessary. Pay attention to this feature when performing the following instructions.

  1. First, go to the server settings by opening its menu and selecting the appropriate item.Go to settings to transfer server rights to another person in Discord

  2. In the list of options, find a category “Participants” and go to it.Opening a section with members to transfer server rights to another person in Discord

  3. A list of all server members will appear on the screen, among which you need to find the one to whom you want to grant full control rights. Hover over that account and click the three-dot icon on the right.Find a member to transfer server rights to another person in Discord

  4. Select an item in the context menu “Transfer rights to server”.An item in the context menu to transfer server rights to another person in Discord

  5. Read the message from the developers and activate the switch so that the button “Transfer rights to server” became active.Confirm actions to transfer server rights to another person in Discord

Your future fate on the server depends only on what the new owner will do with it. It may exclude you or restrict access to certain channels. Consider what I have already said: after transferring rights to the server, you lose all control over it and participants.

In this article, I showed how to set up the administrator role and assign members to it, and also briefly went over the topic of transferring server management rights to another user. Follow the instructions carefully and take into account all the risks so that there are no difficulties in managing the Discord community in the future.

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