The best services for delayed posting in social networks


Delayed posting services allow you to automatically publish posts on social networks at a time specified by the user. Such tools greatly facilitate the work of SMM specialists when working with several projects in different social networks.

In this review, we will consider the possibilities and terms of use of 15 popular autoposting services.


The SMMplanner service is able to publish posts in all popular Russian and foreign social networks, as well as in Telegram and Viber messengers. There is the possibility of cross-posting, publishing content on a schedule, tracking comments under posts, using geotags.

SMMplanner serviceYou can connect an unlimited number of accounts, use not only autoposting, but also delete posts on a schedule, include notifications about the output of posts. The service has an image editor and watermarks.

This social media posting tool offers a free seven-day trial and a flexible payment system. The price depends on the number of pages in social networks: from 450 rubles/month. for 5 connected accounts on the “Initial” tariff up to 7,500 rubles/month. for 150 accounts on the Big Business tariff plan.

Tariffs in the SMMplanner service

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Onlypult provides a single control panel in social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram and many others.

Onlypult serviceThe service has a friendly interface and wide functionality, has a mobile application for iOS and Android. Features of this tool include:

  • auto-posting in social networks, messengers, blogs;
  • tracking statistics of coverage, subscribers, etc.;
  • cross-posting;
  • connecting employees to account management for teamwork;
  • publication calendar;
  • adding geotags;
  • multi-download content;
  • photo and video editing;
  • automatic deletion of records at a given time (convenient for promotional and advertising posts);
  • manage multiple accounts from one window without re-authorization.

After registration, you can use the service for free within a week, after which you should choose one of the tariffs:

Tariffs in the Onlypult service

Pur Social

Pur Social is a social media posting program formerly known as Pur Ninja.

Pur Social serviceThe service supports the most popular social networks, allows you to set up a content plan, publish posts on a schedule, has the function of previewing before publication, importing posts from Excel or CSV files.

Pur Social provides statistics that allow you to analyze pages, posts, hashtags and see reach and engagement. Automated reports on the results of social accounts, downloaded in PDF or Excel, the service will send to your mail.

Users are offered 3 tariffs to choose from. The first week of use is free.

Tariffs in the Pur Social service


The NovaPress service positions itself as a “manager of publications and analytics for business” and works with many platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, VKontakte, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, LiveJournal.

NovaPress serviceUsers have access to a preview mode that shows how a post will look on a specific social network, a content calendar, content publishing on a schedule, the ability to connect an RSS feed and publish news from your site as they appear on all social networks.

It is possible to add watermarks to published images to protect the content from copying. Automatic marking of links (adding UTM tags) will allow better tracking of clicks on the site.

Also among the advantages of NovaPress: the possibility of teamwork, video import – you can share videos from YouTube, RuTube, Coub, Vimeo and Dailymotion in one click, as well as a single content editor for all social networks with the ability to choose an individual design for each of them.

The cost of working with the service starts from 150 rubles. per month. A free trial period of up to 10 days is provided.

Tariffs in the NovaPress service


Amplifer will provide automatic posting on the social network according to the schedule. The service works with almost all existing social networks, has a built-in visual calendar of posts, a preview of publications, allows you to create post templates.

Amplifer serviceAmplifr is able to adapt published images to different social networks, supports import from RSS, provides the possibility of joint work on projects. The service interface is adapted to mobile gadgets.

Amplifer collects detailed analytics from clicks, likes, engagement, top posts, and recommended post times and sends weekly and monthly reports to users.

To familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the service, a 7-day free trial period is offered, after which the user can choose a tariff from four offered.

Tariffs in the Amplifer service

Tariffs in the Amplifer service


The scheduler of posts in social networks SmmBox works with nine social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

SmmBox serviceThe service is able to publish posts to several communities at once, add videos, emoticons, pictures, and hashtags to them. There is a possibility of batch uploading of images and a built-in Poster editor for creating pictures, a function of overlaying watermarks.

Additional tools for content creation include: automatic repetition of posts, shortening of links, automatic deletion of posts.

SmmBox is connected by subscription. When paying for several months, you can get a discount from 10 to 50%.

Tariffs in the SmmBox service


The service for posting in the social network Megapost with a simple interface allows you to set up a schedule for posting posts and see all publications in the calendar. You can add emojis, images and links to your posts. It is possible to overlay the image of watermarks.

Megapost serviceMegapost offers the following functions:

  • Cross-posting – posting in several social network communities at once or through delayed posting.
  • RSS feeds for publishing content according to a template.
  • Automated populating communities using JSON and XML sources.
  • Combine your communities with user-friendly options into publication lists.

The basic plan is free, but has a limit of 50 posts per month on one account on one social network. To remove the limit on the number of posts and accounts, you can connect a paid tariff plan.


InSMM, a service for automatic delayed posting of posts in social networks, has a user-friendly interface that even a novice can handle. The following are available to the user: video publication, built-in photo editor, post viewing, saving drafts and other options.

InSMM serviceInSMM collects and shows statistics from each publication, which allows you to compare the effectiveness of posts in different social networks right in your personal account on the service website.

Users are offered a free tariff with a number of restrictions, which is automatically activated upon registration, as well as 3 paid tariffs with full functionality, which include a different number of projects (combination of pages for posting for different social networks) – from 1 on the Lite tariff to 10 when using the tariff PRO.

Tariffs in the InSMM service


Hooppy offers delayed social media posting. The possibilities for different platforms differ, the widest functionality is provided for the Vkontakte network.

Hooppy serviceAmong the main functions of Hooppy: cross-posting, copying content from one social network to another, auto-posting of news from the customer’s web resource or other people’s sites, post parser.

The cost of the basic package is only 99 rubles/month. To use more functions of the service, you can pay Pro or Vip tariffs.

Rates in the Hooppy service

Labor supply

The multifunctional Roboposting service allows you to set up delayed publications in VKontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki and other social networks, as well as WordPress. For example, you can send blog posts on a schedule and then automatically link to those posts on your social networks.

Roboposting serviceThe service can collect images and text content using a browser plug-in. It is also possible to create post templates to standardize their appearance, delete published posts after a specified time, work with images, GIFs, videos.

During one week, you can use the service without functional limitations, after which you will have to choose one of 7 tariffs.

Rates in the Roboposting service


The CleverPub service works with the most popular Russian social network VKontakte. Users can publish content according to the schedule, community statistics, batch download of pictures, the possibility of conducting content analytics.

CleverPub serviceA plus of the service is the low cost of use.

Tariffs in the CleverPub service


SEOlit works with all relevant social networks and allows you to publish content easily and automatically.

SEOlit serviceAdvantages of the service: publication of content on a schedule, the possibility of RSS connection, import of YouTube channels, the function of adding watermarks to published content. SEOlit has a built-in multi-level post analysis system that allows you to track the activity of users on social networks under published posts, as well as auto-marking of links with published UTM tags, which allows you to track traffic to your site from social networks.

The price of working with the project is 400 rubles per month.

Tariffs in the SEOlit service


The EcoTime delayed publication service was created specifically for the VKontakte social network. It makes it possible to publish content according to a schedule, collect statistics based on audience activity, and is able to schedule publications by time, interval, and number of messages per hour. There is also an extension for Google Chrome and a tool for adding watermarks to published content.

EcoTime service


LikePro works with all major social networks, the service can be used both from a desktop computer and from a mobile device with the help of a convenient program.

LikePro serviceAmong the possibilities: creating posts in several social networks at once, editing photos and videos, auto-posting, working with a team, creating text templates for reuse.

To familiarize yourself with the functionality of the service, there is free access for 7 days. In the future, the price will depend on the number of accounts.

Tariffs in the LikePro service

Tariffs in the LikePro service


UniSMM is a single platform for SMM and email distribution. The service allows you to schedule publications in the most popular social networks a week in advance. Users have the ability to track likes, comments and views of a post. All internal analytics are provided in the form of visual reports.

UniSMM serviceThe use of UniSMM will cost 899 rubles per month. There is also a free plan, but it does not have delayed posting.

Tariffs in the UniSMM service


When choosing a delayed posting service, first of all, pay attention to whether it works with the platforms you need. Choose the appropriate tariff depending on the number of social accounts used and the depth of required analytics. Almost all such tools offer a free trial period, which will allow you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

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