The store rating will appear in the search for Yandex goods


Yandex employees talked about innovations in product search. In particular, we talked about store cards and their rating.

Now users will see the store card – a separate element of the interface, which contains brief information about the seller. This approach will help people choose products more carefully, focusing not only on the price and description of a product, but also on the characteristics of the store (how many products it has sold, what is its reputation, etc.).

Card and store rating in product search


At the same time, Yandex notes that the rating is not simply formed based on the ratings given by clients. Yandex’s internal algorithms are also taken into account: they conduct a deeper study of reviews from various sources and allow you to form an objective assessment based on the company’s rules. This rating will help you compete with other sellers.

The rating will appear for all stores that have received enough reviews and ratings from Yandex sites.

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