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At the beginning of the development of link building, links were bought from any sites, and their parameters had practically no meaning. However, later search engines introduced their own classification of web resources, the concept of trust – the level of trust of the search engine – appeared.

Thus, when ranking sites, Google and Yandex largely focus on the trustworthiness of the link source. The higher the trust of those resources that refer to you, the higher the position in the issue you can expect.

Therefore, when selecting link donors, in addition to other parameters, SEO experts also focus on the level of trust of the search engine.

What does a site trust consist of?

Usually, a trust is formed from a number of indicators:

  1. Site age

  2. Content uniqueness

  3. Traffic.

  4. Link weight (availability of quality external links).

To evaluate the latter, indicators are usually focused on:

  • Trust Flow (TF) – characterizes the quality of links to URLs and websites.

  • Citation Flow (CF) – Indicates the number of links to the website.

Most links are of good quality if the web page has a Trust Flow value higher than the Citation Flow value. In a number of services, for example, in Links.Sape, these parameters can be set when searching for donor sites:


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How to pump site trust and how many links are needed for this

It all depends on the goal:

  • if you want to sell links more expensively due to the growth of trust – act in the direction of increasing the number of links;

  • to increase authority in the eyes of the PS and influence the growth of stuck positions – get more “tasty” links from sites with a strong reputation, but in smaller numbers.

Competitive analysis will help determine the number of links to promote the site. Collect the top results of Google and Yandex for priority requests and make a comparison table. Calculate the average number of links from competitors and focus on it. You can select high-quality donor sites based on more than 40 different parameters and purchase links from them in your personal Links.Sape account.

Choose high-quality, high-trust link promotion resources to maximize their impact in promoting your site.

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