In Russia, the demand for new employees fell in the summer


In the Russian Federation this summer, the demand for new workers decreased by 15.2%, that is, by 300,000 residents. If we speak in more precise numbers, this indicator decreased from 2.1 million to 1.8 million. The reductions mostly affected the automotive and financial business, as well as state structures.

The Bank of Russia informs that similar changes were also observed in the first wave of the coronavirus, in May 2020. Then the demand decreased to 1.3 million people.

According to experts, the current downward trend will continue in the coming months. In addition, another 5% of enterprises in the Russian Federation expect a reduction in employment. Basically, these structures involve switching to part-time employment.

The news reports that the changes are related to the market’s reaction to the rapid restructuring in the field of logistics and a change in the composition of participants. This mostly concerns companies whose activities are related to the international market and imports. On the other hand, there is a general slowdown in consumption caused by inflation, but this affects the margins of organizations.

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