How to translate a video from English to Russian: a selection of the best services


If earlier you had to hire a professional translator, today you can translate a video from English or another language into Russian using online services.

What is transcription and why is it needed?

Transcription is the translation of audio or video into text format. There are two types of transcription – manual and automatic. In the first case, you open the desired file and manually rewrite its contents. The second method is more modern and technological – all manual actions are performed by a special program. In general, in a few clicks, it forms a document with ready-made text, which can also be translated if the video is used in a foreign language.

The disadvantages of the second method are only because the program can translate the video very accurately. Although technology has reached a colossal level, mistakes cannot be ruled out – a word was mispronounced somewhere, there are various noises, and so on. It is not always worth immediately using transcription with translation – you can get the text in the original, and then do a high-quality translation into Russian with your own hands or with the help of a professional translator.

Below we will consider the most functional online services that allow you to quickly translate videos from English to Russian.

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Top 7 services for video translation

Most of the services that we will talk about below work like this: a video file is loaded into the program or it is simply launched on the computer, and then the service reads the recording and converts it into text. In these cases, you may need the “Stereo mixer” option – it is included in the operating system settings. For example, in Windows, you can find it in the “Sound” section.

How to turn on the stereo mixer in Windows 10

So let’s start. The first service on our list is YouTube.


The easiest way to get a video translation is to use the most popular online video playback service. The service automatically creates subtitles for any video, including in English. Therefore, if the required video is already on YouTube, the task is simplified many times.

This is what subtitles look like on YouTube:

How to enable subtitles on YouTube

We can receive the decoded text in document format in two ways: automatically and manually.

The first option works with the help of third-party services – we specify a link and receive a text document in the desired language. One of the best free solutions for automatically obtaining subtitles in a document file is the DownSub online service.

To use it, you need to enter the path to the video on YouTube and click the “Download” button.

DownSub online service for translating videos from YouTube to text

After that, we can download the finished transcription in two formats: srt and txt.

How to convert a video from YouTube to text

If the desired language is not in this list, you can look a little below and get a translation to any language that is available in Google Translate.

Translation of videos from YouTube to text

This is how automatic translation works. In the case of manual mode, you need to manually copy the text from the video and paste it into the document. To do this, you need to click on the three dots in the right part under the video and select “See the decoding of the video”.

How to open the decryption of a video on YouTube

As a result, the “Video Decoding” window will open in the right part of the video, which will present the transcription of the existing video with a time reference.

Decoding the video on YouTube

Also pay attention to the inscription “English” – it may not be in all videos. And if it is, it means that you can choose another translation. This happens when authors upload additional subtitles in other languages.

Video decoding with YouTube translation

Among the disadvantages of YouTube, it is worth noting that authors can prohibit the generation of subtitles. In this case, you will not be able to get a video translation, but this is rare.


Speechpad is a free voice notepad that allows you to translate speech from video or audio into text format. All you need is a ready-made file on your computer that you need to run to get information.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the official page and register in the right part.Speechpad service for receiving text from video registration
  2. The next step is to go to the “Voice Notepad” tab and select the language used in the video or audio. Then we launch the desired file for transcription and click on the “Enable recording” button.Speechpad voice notepad how to use
  3. As a result, we get a ready text file that can be downloaded.Speechpad how to download a text document

The quality of the obtained result depends on the clarity of the sound track of the file and other aspects. Note that this method will require the “Stereo Mixer” we talked about above.

Speech logger

An analogue of the previous service is Speechlogger. This is also a free voice notepad, but it works a little differently – you don’t need to download the video, you need to run it on your computer.

Before starting the transcription, change the voice input language to English, press the microphone and start the video.

Speechlogger service for translating video into text

The finished result can be saved in txt, doc, srt formats or downloaded to Google Drive, sent by e-mail or printed.

Speechlogger service export files

This app uses Google algorithms, and they can usually give inaccurate transcription.

Voice Notepad

It is already clear from the name that the program works on the principle of removing the language from the video clip. As in previous cases, it must be launched on a computer.

To start working in Voice Notepad, it is enough to select the language of the transcribed video in the drop-down menu, start the video and press the Start button.

Voice Notepad service for translating video to text

After that, you can edit the received text, and then copy it or immediately publish it on the network. It is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser, since the service is based on the engine of this company.

Google Docs

It may come as a surprise to many, but Google Docs has a built-in transcriber that works on the same principle as the tools above. To use this function, launch the service and select the “Tools” – “Voice input” tab.

How to convert video to text using Google Docs

Next, we change the language to the one we need – English.

Transcription in Google Docs

Now the most important thing is to start the video file on the computer and press the sound recording button in Google Docs. In this way, the service will automatically record the voice from the video and convert it into text.

How to use the transcriber in Google Docs

In order for the recording to go well, be sure to start the video first, and then click on the icon. It is also not recommended to surf the Internet, as the service may stop working.


RealSpeaker is a paid service, but you can translate your video files for free as long as they are under 90 seconds.

To work with the program tools, you need to download a video or audio file.

RealSpeaker transcriber online

After that, you need to wait for some time until the program processes the downloaded file. Then you will need to click the “Transcribe” button.

Transcription in the RealSpeaker online service

Once the text is ready, it can be automatically downloaded in srt and vtt format and transferred to a text editor.


The last service we will talk about is Vocalmatic. This resource also allows automatic transcription of video files. Registration will be required to operate, and free decoding is available for the first 30 minutes of MP3 audio.

After successful registration, click on the “Create your first transcription” button and get to the file download page.

    Vocalmatic service for translating video to text

Select the type of file – audio or video – and download it.

Vocalmatic how to transcribe

The next step is to select the language used in the video.

Vocalmatic language selection for transcription

It remains to choose the format that we will get as a result – it can be standard audio or subtitles.

Vocalmatic file format after transcription

After a successful transcription, you can manually correct the text, and on the right side of the screen you can listen to the downloaded file or export it to text formats.

Vocalmatic export file

Translation difficulties

Automatic transcription with the help of services that always gives the desired result. For example, if there are screenshots in the video, then you can completely forget about their translation, and sometimes it is one of the most important parts.

Homonyms can also be found in the text – the same in spelling and sound, but different in meaning. The transcriber can translate them incorrectly and the essence of the entire sentence will be lost.

How to work with all this – let’s figure it out further.

Image in video

To translate what is written in the picture in the video, you can use an online translator, namely Google Translate. The mobile version has a “Camera” button with which you can take a picture of what is shown in the video.

    Translation of text from a photo in Google Translate

As a result, the program will translate what is written on the picture. Not only will an accurate translation be made, but it is still converted to a text format.

If the image is of poor quality, the translator may not be able to translate, which is quite obvious.


In order not to make a mistake with the accuracy of the translation, you can view all possible meanings of a foreign word in an online service, for example, Reverso Context.

Service for checking homonyms Reverso Context

What to do if the transcription did not go well

In this case, it is best to use several services for translating text from video. For example, if in Google Docs you noticed that half of the text is not true, it is better to take a few more programs under your control.

As a result, you can get the desired result from several services. But if the audio track is of very low quality, then online services will most likely not help you in this matter.


After receiving the text from the video using the services listed above, the question arises: “What to do with the English text now?”. If the service does not provide translation, then you will need to use the online translator Google Translate. Another option is to ask for help from a professional translator.

And you should understand the most important thing – no program will give you 100% results, but only save time.

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