B2B landings: 7 insights for successful sales


The reason is that the transaction cycle is different from B2C. For B2B it is often longer. All because more than one person can make decisions in the company. Sometimes the chain is built like this: an employee who is responsible for a specific direction looks for a suitable corporate offer. For example, when a company chooses a CRM or email service for its customers. After that, the employee coordinates the choice of the contractor with the management.

In this case, he takes responsibility and most likely needs your help. To make the choice easier and sway it in your favor, offer to draw up an individual commercial proposal. In it, tell how exactly you are going to solve the company’s tasks, why your service is suitable for it, and at least what preliminary results you can count on. If the customer sees that you are really immersed in the project, his trust will increase. As a result, the probability of closing the deal will also increase.

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Do not try to shorten the deal cycle and persuade the company to buy right now: most likely, this is impossible due to the structure of internal agreements. Instead, offer a bonus: open temporary access to the product or, for example, do a free audit – after that it will be easier to close the client to paid services.

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The P7-Office service offers free 30-day access to its functionality.

A tripwire (translated from English – tension) can help with the future sale. This is the sale of the product at a symbolic price – a pleasant bonus that removes the barrier of the first purchase. It can be placed in the form of a pop-up – a special banner that appears a few seconds after opening the site. Or at the end of the landing page – as the main offer of your page. After buying a tripwire, a customer is more likely to be willing to buy something from you at a market price.

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Tripwire on the Like Center website

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