Top 3 factors that applicants value when looking for a job


The Superjob research center analyzed the factors that applicants value when choosing a place of work. It turned out that in addition to a high salary (56%), adequate management of the company (37%) and stability of the organization (35%) are very important.

Residents of 395 settlements of the Russian Federation took part in the survey, and the sample consisted of 1,600 respondents. Here are some of Superjob’s takeaways:

  • The top 3 priority factors include salary level, adequate management and stability of the company. Opportunities for career growth (29%), comfortable psychological environment (28%) and convenient location of the workplace (25%) also became important. The opportunity to study at the expense of the employer (9%), company image (5%) and corporate culture (2%) were rated the least.
  • For men, the level of salary was a higher priority, for women – a favorable psychological atmosphere in the team.
  • Respondents under the age of 24 value the prospects of career and personal growth more, and those surveyed 45 years and older value the efficiency of management systems and the balance between work and personal life.

Representatives of companies responsible for personnel selection were interviewed separately. According to the results, employers generally agree with the factors that applicants prioritize when choosing a company: high level of remuneration (71%), stability of the company (52%), convenient location (39%) and adequacy of management (25%) ).

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