Neuroplaylists appeared in Yandex Music


The Yandex company presented a new set of playlists in Yandex Music, created by a neural network.

A new option has appeared in the Yandex streaming service. Now the user can choose one of three endless playlists created by artificial intelligence. At the moment, there are three modes: “calm”, “inspiration” and “vigor”. All three never end and, according to the idea of ​​Yandex engineers, should help better focus on work and other matters.

An algorithm in real time creates such ringtones that should be distracting. They are rhythmically adjusted, never interrupted and contain words and pauses, which makes them an ideal tool for isolating the brain from extraneous thoughts.

It is also important to note that Neuromusic from Yandex adapts to the tastes of a specific user and takes into account preferences, quickly responding to likes and dislikes. You can test the new function in Yandex Music right now, however, only in the application on a smartphone or through Yandex Station.

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